Anaheim Pre Owned Card

Anaheim Pre Owned Card

Anaheim Pre Owned Card Sold me a lemon Anaheim California!!. The Ford Fusion I was sold had a few malfunctions that were Pre existing. In the past 4 months I have had my car serviced 4 times in Anaheim and 2 times at Galpin Ford. It’s an inconvenience to drive 100 miles round trip, with a 3 to 4 hour commute due to Los Angeles traffic to have my car repaired. The right passenger seat was not operating, in addition the the front parking sensor, the drivers door clip was broken, and car air vent had a foul odor. When I purchased the extended warranty I was told that it covered everything! My vehicle had to be taken in three for repairs on the passenger seat. The car was not detailed when purchased. Had the car been detailed the penny found in the seat rack would have been discovered. Anaheim Pre-Owned claimed that a penny in the seat rack caused the seat malfunction. Prior to the Anaheim dealerships inspection my car was inspected by certified Ford mechanics. These mechanics disclosed no discovery of a penny or water bottles being the initial cause of the seat malfunction. It is now February 25th and the passenger seat once again is not operating properly. I have not had a passenger in my car in over a month so I’m not sure when the seat malfunctioned again. It was just fixed at the end of December at Anaheim Pre Owned. The air conditioner CO2 manufacture defect was not checked out before the car was sold and costed the warranty dept $2,200. Initially the repairs were denied by the extended warranty department. After further consideration Anaheim Pre Owner was able to negotiate the repairs. However my car sat in the shop for ten days with no loaner car being provided and I was told that one would be provided to me by Sarah the loan officer at Anaheim Pre Owned. The Ford mechanics informed me that the air conditioning was a manufacture recall, which is something that should have been checked out before the car was sold. The front parking sensor was another defect that was not covered on the extended warranty nor the drivers door clip. These are items Rusty, Sarah and Josh told me would be covered with my extended warranty when I informed them on October 18th. I’m not exactly sure what is covered in my extended warranty since the last few problems were denied on the initial call my Ford technician made to the warranty department. My service technician told me that my extended warranty does not cover much. This warrenty costed $1,800. I am starting to think the warrenty company is bogus and is becoming a hassle. Within the week of my purchase three pre-existing malfunctions surfaced. Two of the repairs have been made, but I question if there are any additional problems that have not been documented . My car goes in to have the front passenger seat fixed December 21st for the second time in Anaheim after the warrenty department denied Fords claim to fix the car. While my car was in the shop my license plate holders gifted to me by my parents were stollen and replaced by the the dealership advertisement plate. I was hoping they could resolve my problems and now I’m in nervous about if the technicians are reliable at Anaheim Pre-Owned whom worked on my car. I now question the reliability of the mechanics that fixed my car. Are they even using mechanics that are above board? Clearly the staff does not take pride in their work, if they can steal customers personal belongings. My seat was supposedly fixed two times at Anaheim Pre Owned and now it is malfunctioning again. Clearly they are not repairing the seat properly if it keeps on malfunctioning. I would love to be able to give my disabled friend a ride but unfortunately my seat is malfunctioning again, therefor I am unable to let her in and out of my car. The main issues I have with this purchase is the car that has malfunctions that cost anywhere from $1,800-$2,200 that were noticed within the first week of the purchase. I cannot afford a car payment and repairs. Beware of the upsale by the loan manager extended warrenty, lowjack and a special paint sealer can add 3000 to 4000 onto the cost of your purchase.

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