Andre wassouf

Andre wassouf

Andre wassouf Andre Wassouf Portsmouth NH Portsmouth, New Hampshire!!. I received a call from this rip off company earlier this year telling me that they had people interested in my car and would sell it fast. They convinced me to sign up with them and told me that $500 would get charged on my credit card and I would get it back after they sell my car. When I was transferred to their finance department, their tone changed from ” we have people who want your car ” to ” we are not sure ” type of comments. Again I was told the $500 would be given back to me when the car is sold.About a month and half went by and I did not get one call from them about any buyers. In the meantime, I had a buyer I found off Craigslist and when I called them and asked about my money, I was told I wouldn’t get one penny back if I sold the car on my own. I argued with the employee who got me to sign up initially and all of a sudden she said ” well I have somebody in the process who wants to buy your car by the end of the week so you can wait and he ll buy it “. I told her how convenient it was for her to tell me that she had a buyer, after I called her to tell her I was selling the car, and she insisted she had a buyer from them.I told the employee that I was not going to sell my car because I wanted CarAcquire to get me ” more money ” for my car, like she said, and to get my $500 back. The employee told me it was my responsibility to call them and check to see if they had a buyer, NOT THIERS.I called back about a week later and they gave me the run around saying that the buyer was still in the process. I called back a couple more time, before the 90 days were up, and there was no buyer for my car. And I was told that I would only get back $375.00 out of my $500.00 after the 90 day contract expires.It’s been almost 2 month after I mailed in the refund form for my $375.00 and I have not gotten a check from them. They told me that a month ago that the refund/finance department would be calling me “today” “tomorrow” to verify where the check was going (which is my address they have on file) but no call….. 2 months after my contract expired and after I mailed the refund form in.This is the worse company ever. My blood boils when I think of them and how they ripped me off $125.00 and maybe $500 if I don’t get my refund of $375 back. They flat out lied to me to get me to sign with them and I did not get one single call from them for “buyers” during or after my 90 day contract.Stay the h**l away from dealing with CarAcquire and don’t make the mistake I did. I wouldn’t let these idiots try to sell cat food for me….. Total liers and rip off

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