Antwerpen Toyota Clarkesville

Antwerpen Toyota Clarkesville

Antwerpen Toyota Clarkesville SOLD ME A HEADACHE silver spring, Maryland!!. I purchased a 2016 Malibu on 5/5/12 from the dealer referenced. On 6/6/12 I started my car to go to work and it was making a really loud noise as it was running. I drove to work, everything was fine and the noise went away. That evening when leaving work, I started the car and it was making the same noise and the change oil alert came on. I then pulled off and my car started to hesitate as I pushed the gas, getting very little power and my dash lit up like a Christmas tree. I contacted the used car sales manager at Antwerpen, who proceeded to tell me there was nothing he can do about it and to take it to a Chevy dealer. I ended up driving to Antwerpen talking to the manager face to face. He then tells me to leave it there and he would have the mechanic look at it(rental #1).The next day I was contacted by the Used car director and was told that my car needed an oil change. What, not having the car for 30 days and now I need an oil change? He told me he changed the oil and had someone look at the car and they didnt hear the noise I referenced. I went to pick up my car that evening, listened to how the oil needs to be changed on time etc. etc. I go out to start my car and you could clearly hear the noise. I went inside to ask him to come listen, he pops the hood and tells me yeah somethings wrong and it wasnt doing that earlier and he would take it to Win Kelly Chevrolet(12421 Auto Dr)in the am. They give me a car(rental#2)and I leave. 6/8/12 I didnt hear from anyone so decided to call Win Kelly directly and was told that they didnt receive my car until 11:45am so they wouldnt be able to look at my car until Monday 6/11/12. I explained that wouldnt work for me. I had to go out of town that evening and I needed my car. After talking to the director of Antwerpen, the shop manager at Win Kelly, Enterprise and the mechanic from Win Kelly, I got off the phone with no results, no solutions. I then received a call around 5pm from an associate of the Chevy dealer/Antwerpen, that tells me he cant find anything wrong with the car and the noise its making is a “standard” noise that year/make/model that car makes. WHAT??? Mind you, the car never made those noises previously. I then told him I was coming to get the car. I picked it up and I had to hear nothings wrong, you just needed an oil change etc. etc., all over again. I then drove to NJ the next morning, the car made the noise when I started it, but as it sat it stopped. On the way home that Sunday 6/10/12 the car started to over heat. I stopped at a Firestone when I got back to MD and was told that all of the fluid had been drained from the vehicle because there no fluid. He filled the fluids, I explained to him about the noise and he told me to go to Heritage Chevrolet(11234 Reisterstown Rd) and have them check it out. I didnt have time to do it during the week because I work and have 2 children. So Friday 6/15/12 I left work, started the car, its making the same noise but now the check engine light has come on and as I giving it gas, its barely moving. I contacted Heritage Chevrolet, dropped my car off that evening(rental#3)and went on my way. I get a phone call Monday 6/18/12 stating that my car is ready and they had to replace 2 accumulator valves, The valves were warped and clogged. I pick up my car that evening and everything seemed fine. The next morning 6/19/12, I start my car and its making the same loud noise..OMG I call heritage and they tell me to come back in the next day and drop the car off. 6/20/12(rental#4),Heritage calls me to tell me my engine is sludge and they cant flush the oil system or it voids my powertrain warranty. I go to work and contact Consumer Relations of Antwerpen(still havent received a call back), GM, a lawyer, and the finance co. I didnt get anywhere with any of those parties, so I went to Antwerpen, the Used car sales manager then told me I cant flat cancel my loan, he was going to look into getting a new loan through the same finance company, and contact the Chevy dealer to see if there was an alternative way to fix this problem and would get back to me @ 11am on 6/21/12. Ive called several times and cannot get the manager on the phone. I will be making another trip to Antwerpen this evening. I am extremely disappointed and the service I have been given, I will NEVER recommend anyone that I know to purchase a car from Antwerpen!! Spoke with a different lawyer today and I will be taking action! Gail Rogers [email protected]

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