Apollo Construction

Apollo Construction

Peter Mitchell the owner to Apollo Costruction post his company on craigslist under the services. Peter promised to fix all the crack and deep holes made from wear and tear by the cars driving on our driveway for $500. All the other companys quoted me $800 for all the repairs, so I decided to go with him since his astimate was alot less costly. This man completely ripped me off. When I came back from work I was shocked. He not only made my driveway worse than before but he also caused property damage. We have concrete sidewalks. This man got asphalt on his shoes and tracked it all over my property including my grass and all the way up my staircase. After leaving my residence he went directly to my bank to cash the check that was left for him. I tried calling him and texting him to get my money back and there was no response. He later took all of his post off craigslist. After doing some reserch it looks as though he dose not have a BUISNESS LICENSE!!!! He even closed his YELP account. He is a Scam Artist!

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