Arts Auto Sales LLC

Arts Auto Sales LLC

Arts Auto Sales LLC Mike Reeves sold car with major defects that put my life in danger Oak Grove, Oregon!!. I noticed that the defrost didnt work on the vehicle. I asked the dealership to fix it the salesman Mike said his boss, Art, would not pay to fix it. However he could get a mechanic to fix it for me for about 50.00. I called many times to arrange time to bring the car and got put off then finally no answers to my calls. Not only does the defrost not work but nor does the heater. It is getting colder and colder in Oregon and wet. The biggest issue here is that I cant see to drive very well it has become very dangerous. I have to have a car. I drive 20 miles one way to work every day. I had a mechanic look at the heater for me. He said he couldnt get to the problem it was inside the dash. Hundreds of dollars to fix. While he was looking at my car he found wiring that was hanging down onto the exhaust system he said if those wires had gotten hotter and melted they could spark and the car would catch on fire or blow up. He zip tied them up. The seat belt in the back seat does not work. There is a problem with the suspension and the tires. There is a chip in the windshield. I had no idea at the time that these things were illegal in Oregon. I feel like such an idiot for trusting these guys. I should have known better when in the first week I had the transmission stop working. They said it was lines that came loose, but now Im scared to death the car is going to break down on me. I feel they should have known about these problems with the vehicle. When I called the finance company to complain about the problems and that I wanted to reverse the loan and I was not going to make the first payment until I resolved this issue and they were rude and treated me like garbage. They lied to me about having the contract under review when in reality they had already sent it back to the dealership. The dealership then, could repo the car and not give me my down payment back. I have had to resign for this loan four times due to improper paper work by the dealer. Then they said the loan company would not finance me with out a 2000.00 dollar and they had to change the price of the car so that the fee could be paid. So instead of finacing 2500.00 I had to finance 4900.00 Then after all that company sent me a denial letter a week after I signed the last time. Since I started this process the loan company and the dealership have put me off and put me off until now they are saying I am too far out on the purchase that it was funded and cant be reversed. They are coming to get the car and I will not get my deposit back. I spoke with the finance company yesterday to see what decision they had made in regards to the car. They said the account was under review (what does that mean) when I call initially the first person I talked to said the loan was sent back to the dealership. However Westlake the loan company said they would accept a payment. Well if they dont have the loan and sent it back to the dealer then why would I make a payment to them? If the dealer bought the loan they have to contact me with the terms of the loan, but they are just going repo the car without telling me or giving me the option to make a payment. I will say up front that I have little to no money. I am a single mom struggling to even buy groceries. I filed chapter 13 and this is why I felt like I had no choices with this dealer. They told I would not be able to get financed anywhere else. I feel so foolish. I trust people and now I know I cant. I believed there where good people in the world but more and more I am learning I cant trust.

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