As-Is RV

As-Is RV

On behalf of a local ministry we went to Blue Dog RV/As Is RV in Hayden off Hwy 95 to look to purchase an RV suitable for winter for a single mother living in the Coeur d’Alene area. We let them know the situation and the fact that this would be her home and not used for recreation. | Before we purchased the RV we went out and had them show us that everything was working. They didn’t show us that the water and sewer were working but assured us that Blue Dog had winterized our RV and that they would also make sure the batteries were fully charged. They told us they had gone through everything when they first purchased the RV and that it was all working. When we arrived to get the RV the batteries were dead. Later after we delivered and set up the RV for the single lady, we found that both handles to the valves that open the sewer lines were broken. | Both the black tank and the gray tank were frozen including the main sewer line and had not been winterized. The fresh water line was also not drained and frozen. When we told them the issue they said they had no service person from Blue Dog RV to help us. Prior to the purchase and part of the deal we made, Blue Dog RV also promised they would fix a few minor things such as some molding that was separating from the wall and the shower door that wouldn’t close properly, none of it was done. | Blue Dog RV/As Is RV also told us they had people who would deliver the RV and when the time came to deliver, the two separate drivers we contacted through them bailed on us last minute. The first day we waited more than half the day and weren’t able to schedule with someone else until the next day, where the second driver cancelled just minutes before he was scheduled to arrive. The single mother had all her belongings moved out of her current trailer awaiting the arrival both days in sub-freezing temperatures. We weren’t able to get the trailer delivered until the following week and with someone who was not affiliated with Blue Dog RV/As Is RV. | We hired a repairman to come out and he was unable to get the sewer line working because the lines were not drained and were frozen. The single mother went without running water for over a week and went without a place to go to the bathroom for 2 weeks. When we talked to the owner of Blue Dog RV/As Is RV, Bill, all he would say is “We are paying for nothing.” and “What is our name?” When we replied Blue Dog RV he said “No. As Is RV”. If you look at their online information it’s the same building, lot address etc. See screen shot. This is where we conducted our business. We reminded him that he said he would fix the things, as promised, he kept saying “Our name is As Is RV!” He eventually said that they didn’t have a dump station at their location, but has a service come do it and probably had a receipt somewhere. When I asked to get a copy of the receipt or know who did the service he said he didn’t have time for that. | We will never purchase anything from Blue Dog RV/As Is RV again as we were continually lied to. It’s shocking to know that a business would lie to a ministry and knowingly put a single mother in a position like this.

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