Atlanta Car Exchange

Atlanta Car Exchange

Atlanta Car Exchange DAVID BOWEN. Atlanta Georgia!!. I purchased a car from David’s employee Dawn. Let me tell you, I VERY MUCH REGRET IT. When I made the purchase in 2015, I paid in firm of a check, which Dawn, a day later, had a problem with. She said that David would not accept the check, so at that point I arranged to pay cash and her return the check. When we met to do the exchange, she acted like she had lost the check and couldn’t return it, I was very sketched out by this, and a little scared to, but I gave her the money anyway. A couple days later, my wife and I were discussing the whole ordeal, and how we had to meet on Dawns terms, how rude and demanding she was, and how sketchy the whole ordeal was, and my wife stated it would be a Good idea if we canceled the check, given that we paid cash instead, just as a precaution, in case dawn and David decided to”DOUBLE.DIP” and cash the check they “SUPPOSEDLY” lost. So we called the bank and explained the situation, and they gladly fixed the issue. So, that was the end of our worries, or so we though. Not until weeks later when I had to go to court for a matter, when I arrived to court that morning, with my wife, Dawn was sitting on the bench , my wife and I couldn’t believe it, did she have court that morning??? We thought so, but not long after court ended, we learned different. She was actually there to cause problems, and that she did. As we exited the courhouse, she staliked my wife and I out, and harass us, saying you stile the car, and we wanT it back. What the f***, I thought. What are you saying? We gave you cash in exchange for the title, because the check wasn’t sufficient. She said oh no you dodnt, you canceled the check. Long story short, by the time we were crossing the street to get help from police, David fast approached us , jumping out of a car from the street, and at that time David and Dawn both cornered my wife and started to assault her, I screamed for help from police given that we were on government property, and police responded, they tried to tell police we stole the car. We were asked of we wanted to file a state. Which we didnt, we just wanted away from these lunatics , but did ask it be documented just in case. So to wrap things up, Dawn took our money and check, we stopped the check, and she used my info she collected from the sale to stalk me to my court hearing just to bully me Into giving more cash or the car and title back. I’m not sure what exactly was the deal, but my wife and I conclude the following: We think Dawn took the check which was wrote to Atlanta Car Exchange and gave it to David, then contacted me and lied saying David wouldn’t accept the check, and to get the title, instead of waiting for the check to clear, i would have to give cash immediately or give the car back, which was my only way to go at the time, given that I sold only other car, so I agreed to pay cash in exchange for the title. So, I arranged to meet Dawn, and do just that. So given all the facts we think she kept the cash, lied to David and tried to scam both me and David. Either way, these people are bad news, and aRe not to be trusted. Long after all this I found out they tried to report the car stolen, which I resolved very easy with my testimony and witnesses to the harrassment, and proof of paying via bank statement , and the title and bill of sale, which no one, especially a dealership, would never hand over without clear payment. So, if your ever thinking of buying a car from this place DON’T! !!! THEY WILL RUIN YOUR DAY, WEEK, LIFE, AND TRY TO ROB AND SCREW YOU EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, EVEN IF IT MEANS STALKING YOU AND PHYSICALLY AND VERBALLY HARASSING YOU, AND FILING FALSE POLICE REPORTS. Oh, not to mention the car needed major work, and the roof leaked , and quit working after a week. And had major rust same and check engine light had been cleared I later found out when getting the “free smog”

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