Audi of Westwood, MA

Audi of Westwood, MA

Audi of Westwood, MA Audi Westwood drive prime GM: Ken Giordano Sales manager: Rob Kelleher Sales associate: Taylor Ford 6 hour wait time to deal with their deceptive practices Westwood Massachusetts!!. I would suggest most find another dealership to do business with. I went in at 2:45, and it took them until almost closing time which is 9 pm for them to get the deal done. I was told it was the end of the month it was busy. Then their finance guy Dave also said the banks were inundated with loans so thatu2019s WHY it took so long. In that SIX Hours I was low-balled in trade of my bmw, and told I was “luckyu201d that I had something printed from another dealership in regards to a Mercedes I was looking at somewhere else. Most of us donu2019t get a written document of the dealerships appraisal. Audi doesnu2019t give you a write up of their appraisal. They supposedly told my husband it was because of my rims yet Carmax wasnu2019t concerned. They gave Kelly blue book. Audi fails to realize their car also had rim issues. But they seemingly in my opinion play dumb on that aspect. They told us to go to dinner I asked Taylor if she was sure there wouldnu2019t be a problem with the financing. She assured me the payment might go up a few. They hadnu2019t even ran credit yet and this was after 3 or more hours – yet they tell you to save time and do your app online. Which another man was working on, but he left early. Yet when I had to redo my app there, I was told by Taylor she didnu2019t have it on file. During the test drive she raved about Audi and how she had to lie to ppl when she was working at Volvo bc she hated the cars but had to lie and say she loved driving them. So why is she telling the customer this? Bc now I know Audi must in my opinion want all their sales agents to lie bc of course she would say she loved Audi now if sheu2019s working for them. During the wait time she made fun of calls she got where supposedly people would call her bc they didnu2019t know how to work a gas cover etc. well why would that be a problem for her when she doesnu2019t show you in the 6 hours youu2019re there anything about the car. Never wasted that much time in my life and conveyed to my husband when she told us to go out to dinner bc they were still so busy that I didnu2019t want to go back. When we got back we still had to wait, and the finance guy tells us “we have a few problems.u201d Hilarious considering Taylor said things would be fine. He talked of how my trade was the issue not my credit – and at 8:30 (we again were there at 2:45) that unless we put more money down we couldnu2019t get near the payment Taylor told us. No car dealerships Iu2019ve dealt with including bmw have ever waited to run credit. My husband gave them more money bc he felt like we wasted too much time, but I wanted to walk. Their corporate office Audi USA tells you to watch videos on their mmi to help with the car. Well you would first need to know what their mmi was and then youu2019d have to make sure you googled yourself or went on Audi forums to see whatu2019s up with your car. Bmw always showed me everything about the car. They wouldnu2019t let you leave without it. Now their saying over a week later that theyu2019ll send a tech to my house. Would have helped the day I got it. Havenu2019t been driving it, my husband has bc at least I know how to utilize the options on his Porsche and suv. Their finance guy tells us he has desired to quit twice but they wonu2019t let him. All these things should tell you all you need to know about this dealership. Audi USA doesnu2019t care, Volkswagen doesnu2019t care but why would they when theyu2019re getting sued for emission deceptive practices. Guess Audi takes after their mother company on deception. Then Taylor has the nerve to ask what else she can do? Besides what? Showing me the options? What else can she do? She knows as do all the key players in that deal that I got the shaft. You always know that dealerships will make money off you somehow. But Iu2019ve never bought a car – and I have bought a lot where I have hated the car bc of all the circumstances behind it. My husband said after 6 hours he was just going to give them what they wanted. But to me thatu2019s what they do. Deceptive practices until youu2019re in the finance room. Will never deal with any Audi dealership again. When I can get rid of this – I will go back to bmw, they know how to treat their customers right. I should have went with my gut.

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