Audio Plus Inc

Audio Plus Inc

Audio Plus Inc Audio Plus DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! BUYER BEWARE Riverview Florida!!. I had one dash speaker replaced prior to moving to this town. The other speaker went out after I moved here. I saw the audio plus sign in Riverview FL. I took my car there to have the speaker replaced. Louis the installer said that it isn’t good to replace one speaker, that I should replace both. I asked him how much it cost and it was around $30 for both. That was a win for me because I had paid $50+ for one speaker at Amazon. He lets me listen to the car and I was skeptical because it had a funny sound. I thought it was my fault because I allowed him to put the cheaper speakers in and not the OEM type that I purchased from Amazon. He put it what he had in stock that day. Anyone who rode with me, complained that it sounded horrible. So finally, when I was back in town, I advised him of that the speakers sounded funny. I also request back speakers because my audio sounded horrible. He tells me that I had tweeters put into my car. Now that is a complete fabrication. Until him, I never knew what a dang tweeter was. I was livid because Louis the person who sold and installed the TWEETERS acted as if he couldn’t remember. He gives me only $25 for the tweeters, charges me labor to add the real speakers back into my car. So in essence, I was charged twice for labor. I should have only been charged once. Then I feel like Louis was shady and I try not to deal with him again. I get side speakers because my car needed an upgrade. So I think everything is good, the speakers start going in and out as I am driving. That was embarrassing. I go to look at my door to see what could be causing it and noticed screws missing. I am like come on. Then I go to find the receipt in my glove box and a piece falls out that was attached to it. I am new to this area and do not know many companies here to go to, so I feel stuck. I want tint on my vehicles and I know they say their tint is a life time warranty. I get tint and two of the cars within weeks, have tint peeling. The tint, back speakers, and dash speakers were installed within a three day period. So I didn’t have enough time to absorb the shoddy work, and make a formal complaint. All I know is that buyers should beware of the quality that this company uses in its installations. Take pictures of what you have before you go to them. Take pictures of any areas that you think they may touch. Demand a receipt and everything else in writing. I am still fighting for my money back from this company. There are other reviews out there about this company.

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