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Auto Seller Network Complaint

After I placed an ad to sell my truck on Craigslist I was contacted by Grant Parker who claimed to be from 2nd Chance Auto Financing. He told me he had two buyers for my truck if I was willing to pay $399.99 to secure a spot with autosellernetwork. I had already fallen prey to paying Ebay sales $399.00 the day before and I told him that I really didn’t want to jump into a similar deal and that I didn’t really have the money to be paying out for these so called deals. I also told him of my military situation and that I was really struggling with a husband deployed and two special needs kids, not to mention the kids and I were losing the current roof we had over our heads. He assured me he was not scamming me and that he would have my truck sold before Christmas. This was on or about Dec. 2, 2009. He indicated someone would be calling me to line up viewing the truck and would give me the money. He also told me I could opt to buy into their 90-day program for about $99 but that he had me buyers so this would not be necessary. I am an intelligent person with much education; however, it is clear that in desperate times we really believe in others. I thought this was one of those moments when there really is things out there to help. I was scammed. I made several calls back and never got any straight answers. Specifically, I called on Dec. 7th and let Mr. Parker know I wanted the names of these definite customers. He told me he couldn’t give me those names. I asked him then how would I know if I am talking to his customers as I had already told him I was also part of the Ebay program. He then provided me with two first names as he said that was all he could give me: Jason or Patrick. One other thing when he originally called me he told me once the truck was sold his company would pay half of the other (Ebay Sales) cost to sell off their program. That same day, Dec. 7th, I called autosellernetwork’s third party call center and was told after 90 days I will get a refund. I told that representative, Rob #829, that I didn’t pay the $99 but he still indicated I would get my refund. After that point I never got any calls from anyone concerning my truck relative to autosellernetwork nor have I been contacted by Grant Parker. However, one day about February-March timeframe someone called me trying to give me the same line to sell my truck–that he has buyers for me and so on. I was very busy calming down a situation with my autistic child that I was unable to write down the information. In fact, I told this person that I was already scammed into his program and that I hadn’t received any calls like told and so on. He said he’d look into it and have my representative contact me. I never heard anything else after that either. So here I am finally in June lodging my complaints and working to get at the least my $399.99 back. So far the calls that I have made remains not returned and I keep reaching a machine. I have not emailed yet but I have left voice messages. I contacted the third party line that use to be autosellernetoworks customer service help and I get the message that they no longer service autosellernetwork’s customers. Auto Seller Network definitely, in my book, is scamming or was scamming people and be advised if you receive these types of calls please consider what you could do yourself online for advertising without paying these scam artists this type of money.

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