Autolumination Major Customer Service Issues Higley, AZ Internet!!. Well, first let me say, I wish I would have “googled” this company before ordering parts from them, on almost every website they are rated 2 stars or less, and for good reason. I ordered a pair of head lamps from them, and when ordering you cannot choose a shipping adress that differs from your billing address (this is for consumer protection and I don’t mind that) because I’m active duty military my shipping address changes often so I leave my billing address as my home address. After placing my order(Sunday) and using my billing adress as the shipping adress, I contacted Tracy at Autolumination and asked if they could send it to the correct address, she said they couldn’t do it because the item had already been shipped. That was her first lie, I called the post office and they said they had yet to receive the package but the label had been created. So basically they were just lazy and did not want to make a new label. This was fine because my mail is forwarded so it just had to go to RI before actually arriving to me in CA. The next issue was the USPS fault, they Impropperly forwarded the item, and it got returned to their PO box, so I contacted Tracy again saying this (copy and pasted from email) Hello, When I first placed my order a while ago I contacted you guys to try to switch my address, however ou had already shipped the package. I have still not received it. After a lengthy phone call with USPS they said the package has been returned to you guys. The tracking number is Any info you could give would be appreciated. It has been over 2 weeks since I placed the order. Because I am military my shipping and billing addresses are different, your system does not Le you choose a shipping address that differs from the address your card is linked to. Thank you. Andy and this was her exact response (copy and pasted from email) Hi I am out of the office in AZ this week, but will be back this weekend. I will be picking up the mail then. I do see from the tracking that it should be there in our PO Box. Please provide a current and complete shipping address. We will invoice you for the s/h to reship it, and then send it wherever you want. Thanks, Tracy Now, call me crazy but the customer should never have to pay for an issue that was not their fault. In no way could I control that USPS forwarded the package to them instead of me. All they would have done would re-write my correct address and ship it again. (I verified that through USPS, she called that fraud in a future email.) So I went ahead and did their companies job for them, and called Their post office and asked them to forward the package to me, conversation went something like this… Me:hey could you guys do this? Post office: Sure it’s on the way. But that was after speaking to USPS customer service for about an hour trying to figure out what to do. The next email is one I sent to her about the issue in its entirety. So I replied with this email (copy and pasted from email) Tracy, I think it a little bit crazy you asked me to pay shipping and handling again, all you would have to do is write my new address and use the same label you already used. The USPS messed up, however I contacted them and had them pull the package out of your box and did your company’s job for them. I was planning on ordering multiple items from you guys, but given the way you handle customer service I don’t think I will be doing that. The package is being forwarded to me now. In he future I would never ask a customer to pay shipping and handling when it was already paid once when the issue was not their fault. -Andy Was I somewhat rude, yes. But I fee like it was warranted. This was her reply (copy and pasted from email) Hi I am sorry, but I disagree with the premise of your argument. The error was yours. You provided an outdated shipping address, and did not notify us of this until after the package had been shipped. I don’t see anything in that set of circumstances which was an error by USPS. The only way they could be involved is if you have a current, valid, forwarding order in with them for your mail and they failed to forward it. Then I agree, they made a mistake in not forwarding it per that order. Once the shipment was picked up, nothing could be done to locate the package until USPS returned it to us. They did that and according to the tracking it is sitting at the PO waiting for me to get back this weekend and pick it up. Where I strongly disagree with you is that I can’t just write a new address on an existing used label. The postage has already been canceled and the label and postage are a single sheet of paper on the package. Altering the address on the shipping label after it has already been used, and reusing that postage is mail fraud. I won’t do that. I would not last long as an online retailer if I made a practice of breaking Federal mail laws. If you were able to persuade the USPS postmaster in Arizona to forward it to you for free, more power to you. I have never heard of them doing that for anyone, and to be honest, it is also not legal for them to go into our PO Box and remove a package once it is delivered. They know me real well, so it is possible that if you got the right person there, they might do it. I don’t see any record of them doing that when I just checked the tracking number, but since the tracking is already spent, it may not show any progress from there. If it is still in our PO mailbox when I get there this weekend, I will let you know. Thank you. Tracy So to negate a few of her “arguments” off the bat. It was not my fault. Re-writing the address is not fraud, That was the USPS suggestion. I did not “persuade” anyone… I asked they did it The package was not picked up prior to me asking for them to change the address In the first place (verified by post office) my last email I’m copying from email is the last thing I sent them aside from a screen shot proving my mail is forwarded and I have still yet to get a response. Tracy, I do have a forwarding address on file, which is why it was their mistake it went to you. Not mine. When I first emailed you asking if you could change the address and you said no because it half already been shipped that was incorrect. I called USPS and the label had been created, but it had not yet been dropped off at the post office. Also I specifically asked USPS what to do, they told me “all the company would need to do is put a label with the correct address over the old address, and send it out again, this should have been done automatically because you have a forward on file”. After reading your email, I called USPS to verify that statement. If there is a forward on file, the same postage can be used and a new mailing address needs to be written. Also I did not “persuade” anyone I asked if it could be done, the woman on the phone said yes. And re-shipped it. All of that is besides the point… You asked me to re pay for shipping and handling, where would the handling be? Writing a new label? If something is not the customers fault, they should not have to pay for it. Are you the owner of this company? If not please include their email address in your next response. -Andy Please save yourself the trouble, Tracy (the owners wife) is rude, will not answer the phone (ever), and is very in willing to help. Spend the extra money and order from a reputable company. I have also filed a BBB report, but we all know how much that does. I hope I save someone in the future from the hassle I went through.

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