Automar Car Sales

Automar Car Sales

Automar Car Sales Never ordered the airbag Kissimmee Florida!!. Automar car sales I had bought a 2006 Hyundai Sonata from Automar car sales in Kissimmee,Fl. On the day of purchase. The airbag light was on the dash. The sales person Jamie stated that it the sensor and he would have their mechanic look into the issue. I made an appointment the following week. The tech told him that their was no airbag in the car. He told me that his manger said he needed to order the airbag. His complaint to me was it is coming out of his pocket.The car sales guy told me that he would order the part. Should take a week. So we kept in touch that week via cell calling and texting. It didn’t come in the week. So I visited the dealership. Spoke with Jamie again. He said that he has been checking around and have not found the bag. But give him 2 weeks. So I called and text for update. Finally he told me the bag was coming in Wed. I came in that Wed to see him. He was not at the office. The other sales person asked me if I needed help. I explained to him the issue. He told me to see his brother who worked there. His brother stated he was not in but come tomorrow. 1 month past at this time. I did the next day. He and his brother were terminated. So I waited the GM. I explained to him with the Assistant Mgr what happened. They did not know anything about the airbag. The GM ask for my number who I gave to sales and he told me I would get a call that day. No Call!!! I went the next day and the Ast GM took my info on the car said he was very sorry and he would looked into the airbag cause there were other customers that needed parts for their cars. I would have to called the Ast Mgr Ivan to get updates. It came to a point that i would visit the dealer every week. Then Ivan told me that hired a parts person to handle the search and purchase. When I spoke with the parts person, he didn’t know what was going on. Ivan explained the issue to him. I came over the following week. Still no airbag. I told the parts person to go on eBay and order one. They supposedly did. It was suppose to come within that week I came over again to find out from them that. It was order but they ran into an issue were they needed a certificate/license to have the airbag shipped. Never heard of that before but they lost $$ on the purchase. In that time a person hit my bumper and left a dent. When I explained the importance of having an airbag. So Ivan stated he would call a person who get him part from the junk yard. Came over the next week He called the guy and still no airbag. Several weeks after my car was rear ended. His first words and reaction was the car is totaled. So from there he ask all question about the car. I told him he needed to look for the airbag. Told him that my party insurance is looking into the crash. So the car is beyond repair per the insurance of the party and mine. 3 1/2 months dealing with this. Till this day today NO CALLS FROM HIM. Summary: DO NOT trust this dealership. Besides the lying from the sales person. Not getting calls back and having to visit the office every week. They keeped writing my number wrong. I would have to call several times that day to try and get a hold the the reponsible party. Placed on hold forever and everything else. The customer service experience REALLY SUCKS.

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