Automart 150

Automart 150

Automart 150 makes gem financial repair your car then yells at you for not repairing it yourself Council Bluffs Iowa!!. Ok so in February I went into this dealership to get a car. Of course I went in thinking I wouldnt get approved cause my credit royally sucked. They did bend over backwords to help me get financed. So after a $1000 down payment and a co-signer I got a 2002 hyundai santa fe. This care has been nothing but crap ever since i got it! Its been in the shop getting fixed more than I have been driving it. Then when I ran into the latest problem with it, I called the dealership, automart 150, to discuss this issue he made it sound like I had made them pay for all of the repairs for this car. Although I distinctly remember them saying anything safety related they would fix. So here goes the problems. First time to the dealership was an oil leak. Ok fine thats not a safety issue. I would have gladly footed the bill for this one. NOOOOO the dealership, lake manawa nissan, where all repairs have to be done at, calls gem financial and they tell them they will foot the bill for this. Ok well noone called me to authorize anyone to fix anything. So that was mistake number one. Second issue was that there were no backseat headrests in the car at all. Ok thats a safety concern as my daughter is tall enough that if I were in a wreck she would have gotten whiplash. So they gave us new ones. Ok great no complaints there. Third issue was the clunking in the front end. I was afraid that it was the ball joints. So I took it in again for this issue. It turned out to be the sway bar links.Ok well did I get a call from the dealership asking If I would authorize this to be fixed or if I would like to pay for this? hell no! they contacted gem financial once again so gem financial paid for this repair. So two days down the line its still making the same sounds. So I take it back in again! There’s nothing we can do for you im sorry. Ok well then they grease the bearings in the front end this time and charge noone for this. ok no problem. Today I take it in for the air conditoner blowing out really hot air, and the rear view mirror not staying in place and I have to readjust it every two minutes. So Once again noone calls me to authorize anything. The dealership calls gem financial and what do they fix? they fix the air conditioning and leave me with a $171 bill to have my rear view mirror fixed. Ok whats more important a rear view mirror or air conditioning. Well I have four windows plus a sun roof for air i think fix the mirror. So I call automart 150 and complain because I’m confused as to why they fixed and air conditioner and not a rear view mirror which is a safety concern. so they guy at automart 150 tells me well i think theyve bent over backwords paying for all of your repairs dont you think its time that you put some money into this car. Ok that pissed me off! First of all I didnt authorize any of these repairs to be done on my car. nowhere was anyone given my consent to contact gem financial for anything to be fixed at all! So we call gem financial and they tell me they will call me back tomorrow. Im also reporting this to the BBB. This is rediculous! Believe you me when I get further along in this loan or I can find another co signer I will trade this POS in and I will go buy new from Hyundai where I can trust a dealership

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