Avis rent a car Reno, Nevada

Avis rent a car Reno, Nevada

Avis rent a car Reno, Nevada Stephanie, employee Extended My Rental Contract to A Stranger Without ID or Credit Card & Lied About It Reno Nevada!!. On June 23, 2019 at approx 10:30am, I returned a Nissan Rogue rental car to the above mentioned Reno, Nevada location. The first employee U met was a young man who began to inspect the vehicle for routine return protocol. He advised me to fill the tank with gas (even though we had the fuel service option). So I quickly looked for my passenger/friend (Dana Frances Behrens) who was walking her dog somewhere, and I went to fill up tank alone. At approx 10:50am I returned and my other friend was there to pick us up, but Dana was not around. I asked my other friend how he usually returns rental cars and he advised me to simply turn in the keys. So at approx. 11:00am I entered the Avis location and I placed the keys into THE HAND of STEPHANIE, the employee behind the counter. (Note: ever since 1987, I have a habit I placing keys into the hand of people, because I had to pay to rekey an entire business, for not putting key into hand of manager). Stephanie advised me that “I was good. And that she would email the receipts” and I left the location. Strangely, Dana had not surfaced & after 30 min looking for her, my friend and I left. I was very concerned, but I knew she was going to St Louis from Reno, but that she left her ID at a motel she stayed at. Anyways, at 11:20am she called me and asked where we were, I said “we left”, and she hung up before hearing we were on our way back, and turned her phone off. Apparently, Dana was able to convince Stephanie to extend the rental car contract & generate new paperwork which Dana forged in the name of the original contract holder. Dana did NOT have any ID much less a matching one and credit card to the contract. Dana was then given the keys and paperwork to return to LA and she took the vehicle. Apparently, according to unverified sources, Dana kept the vehicle for 22 days, before totaling it and leaving the scene. On July 9, 2019 my boss/friend called me in a panic saying the car was stolen and accusing me of not returning it. I knew this to be false an I talked to Stephanie at Reno Avis, who stated (robotically) that I didn’t hand her the keys and that a blonde girl extended the rental with keys and contract copy. This WAS AT LEAST 50% lie because I put keys in her hand, I don’t know if Dana had a copy if contract. Anyways, if Dana intended to steal the car and I gave (as alleged) Dana the keys, why would she wait (on camera) to extend the rental? She would not, but somehow she bullied or convinced Stephanie to give her the car without ID or CC, and ultimately, my boss CC was charged an unspecified amount for the vehicle. Samantha, Avis Loss Prevention, had not returned my calls to demanded the video footage be reviewed to show I terminated the rental. The deception at Avis has caused me to lose my wages and reputation with my boss, as obviously Stephanie is going to try and cover her behind. Shame on Avis for not checking the ID and CC to match the contract then lying that I never returned the keys….

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