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Bangkok Airways Complaint

Almost a month ago, I bought 4 round-trip tickets (Phnom Penh – Bangkok – Phnom Penh). We are all premier passengers. We always travel by Bangkok Airways and we travel a lot. There was no problem at all. Unfortunately, about a month ago, when I bought the 4 above mentioned tickets, the saler man, by his inattention, made a mistake on my return tickets. Even though I insisted several times that the 4 of us need to return back at the evening flight because we need to see our Doctor first, he said ok ok then he put us on the noon flight so that we could not see our Doctor and he mistakenly charge the total amount of the 4 tickets with my visa card. When I immediately inform him that the return time in the return tickets is not correct. He said, ok ok he void the tickets immediately. I asked him when the money comes back to my bank account. He said don”t worry, I will get the money back into my bank account within 24 hours. 24 hours after, I didn”t see anything. Even though with my busy responsibilities as Secretary of State, I came personally to Bangkok Airways Phnom Penh Head Office, once again, to ask what happens to my money and my tickets as we need to go to see our Doctor. He said that he already ask Bangkok Airways in Bangkok, Thailand, to accelerate the process and it should be resolved quickly the next day. The next day, I didn”t see anything. And, with my very busy works and responsibilities as Secretary of State I when back to see them again in the hope to find a fast solution to the problem which came from the mistake and the fault of the ticket saler man because I really need to make sure that I have the tickets for my mum and my kids because they need to see Doctor. At that time, I had do really need money to spend on so many things, especially to contribute to the Red Cross in the province that I am in charge of and at the Central Red Cross in Phnom Penh as well. Furthermore, for technical reason, I cannot get my monthly salary yet and I have many more expenses to make (I use the verb at the present tense because I still need the money to expense on so many things and my money is still blocked by Bangkok Airways). I went to Bangkok Airways Phnom Penh head office not less than 5 times, even though I am always very busy everyday with my responsibilities as Secretary of State (I never have time to go to lunch and eat in my office). Finally, even though we are regular passengers of Bangkok Airways and premium passengers, my mum and I decided to buy new tickets with THAI AIRWAYS because we cannot miss to go to see our Doctor and our time, each minute is very preciuous because like me she is very busy with her responsibilities as MP and member of the political bureau of Francophone Parliamentary Assembly. To sum up, it is unacceptable that so far, after a so long time, our money is still blocked by Bangkok Airways! Because I am presently busy to chair many meetings, I don”t have time to deal with this matter. But, I will. I will complaint to the Thai embassy in Cambodia and file a law suite to Thai tribunal and court to sue Bangkok Airways for gravely and irreversibly and seriously damaged my life, my works and my carrier. If the Thai tribunal and courts will not give justice to me, I will sue Bangkok Airways at an international level as it is unacceptable that Bangkok Airways continue to block my money like this !

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