Baytown Transportation, LLC, DBA Sammy's Towing

Baytown Transportation, LLC, DBA Sammy's Towing

Baytown Transportation, LLC, Sammy’s Towing SJ Manhan enterprises, Dickey’s Wrecker Service Damages To My Vehicle After A Tow, “Conpanies Refuesed To Pay” Had To Take Them To Small Claimes Court Baytown, Texas!!. Sat.27.April.2018 Please be advised that on the dark evening of Thr.23.Aug.2018 in Baytown, Texas at the corner of state rout TX99 and FM 1405 my water pump went out on my Porsche Boxster S modal. I did a google search looking for a tow truck company and found Dickey’s Wrecker Service and called them asking for a tow and informed them what type of vehicle I had needing a flat bed tow truck and they informed me “no problem” we can handle that type of car that needs to be towed. Moreoevr, after waiting about two hours, State Trooper Mr. Anthony Orlando with TX Department Public Safety approach from behind and called Dickey’s Wrecker Service for me as I sat next to him in his patrol car and afterwards, Sammy’s Towing showed up with the tow truck about two minutes later. I thanked Trooper for his help and the car was loaded up heading to where I asked to be towed. After arriving, I noticed the car had a broken left rear tie rode end “which was not broken before the tow” and advised the driver Mr. Jimmy Garcia. FYI., Mr. Garcia loaded up the car incorrectly by using a hook on the tie rode end instead of a strap on the rim which most tow truck drivers are aware of. Mr. Garcia made a phone call and asked me if I would wave the cost of the broken left tie rode end in exchange for the cost of the tow of $140.00 dollars. I did agree to that feeling sorry for Mr. Garcia because he said he was going to loose his job if I made a claim against to towing company and against my better judgment knowing it was going to cost me a bit more then the $140.00 for the tow, we agreed. I made sure Mr. Garcia gave me the invoice from Sammy’s Towing with all the information that was agreed upon and I made sure Mr.Garcia put his Texas drivers license on the would be invoice. Moreover, shortly after the, tow I pulled the car out from where I store it and I personally, along with a mechanic friend of mine, replaced the water pump and the left rear tie rode end on Mon.27.Aug.2018 and I paid my mechanic friend $200.00 for his labor, $100.00 for the replacement of the left rear tie rode end and paid $ 186.27 for the part itself from the Porsche dealer to replace the broken left rear tie rode end “which I did agreed to wave” totalling $286.27 minus the $140.00 of the cost of the tow and my net lost was $146.27 out of my pocket. I did agree to wave the left rear tie rode end that was broken so that was my net loss as of that date and I parked the car again not driving it. FYI., on Sun.9.sep.2012, I discovered additional damages to my vehicle as a result from the tow after removing all four rims and tires to clean and polish them. The additional damage I discovered was to the “right rear tie rode end” that was severely bent causing the wheels to become out of alignment thus making the vehicle inoperable. Furthermore, I was unaware of the additional damages to my vehicle on the evening the vehicle was towed and off loaded from the tow truck vehicle because the damage was not visible in the dark and it was obstructed given the fact that the right rear tire and rim was covering up the additional damage. Shortly after I noticed the additional damage to my vehicle “right rear tie rode end severely bent” I called Sammy’s Towing and spoke to Mrs. Martha and informed her of the additional damage and she said she would have to look into it with the owner of the company and would get back to me. I called again after not receiving a return call from Mrs. Martha and she informed me that I would have to take up the issue with Dickey’s Wrecker Service because they are the people I verbally contracted when I called. I called Dickey’s Wrecker Service “not sure who I spoke too” and that female told me that I would have to take up issue with Sammy’s Towing since they caused the damages. Moreover, I filed a complaint against both tow truck companies with the Texas Department Of Licensing And Regulation who governs the tow truck industry in Texas Tracking Complaint # 40557 and they advised me to either file a small claims case against them or follow a link to their website to find the tow truck companies cargo insurance. I filed a civil action in small claims court JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, PRECINCT 8 PLACE 2 HON. JUDGE LOUIE DITTA case # SC82C0031414 against both DBA Dickey’s Wrecker Service SJ Mahan Enterprises, Inc. and DBA Sammy’s Towing Baytown Transportation, LLC in an effort to get them to pay for the additional damages. FYI., yesterday Fri.26.April.2018 we settled out of court for the dollar amount of $500.09 the cost of which I had to pay to replace the right rear tie rode end the was severely bent and wheel alignment. In closing, it was a real challenge for me in terms of going against two difrent attorneys because I am not an attorney but I stood my ground and won…… Martinez

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