Bell Ford Arizona

Bell Ford Arizona

Bell Ford (Arizona) AKA: Brent Berge – BCB Group Investments, LLC Lying and lack of integrity in reference to inefficient service performance – Brent Berge is sacrificing his family’s legacy Phoenix Arizona!!. I purchased a 2018 Ford F-150 Truck this year which the airbag light appeared on the driver’side of the vehicle. So I took the truck in to Bell Ford for warranty work on September 1, 2018 to fix this problem. The service department determined that they needed to replace the wiring harness inside the truck which involved stripping the entire interior of the vehicle. This meant everthing had to come out down to the metal inside – dash, seats, console, headliner, carpet, door panels; “everything was torn out of my $63,000 brand new Ford F150 Platinum Truck”! During this process I made calls to the assistant service manager, Mike Perreault, to check on the progress and also to voice my concerns regarding the extent of this repair to my new truck. I was worried about the reassembly because of the drastic solution to this problem. I wanted to ensure that the service techs would efficiently put my truck back together so there were no rattles or other problems created beacause of the extensive repair. I related to Mike Perreault that my main concerns were that after the warranty was up that it might have some issues with rattles or malfunctions on anything in the future. Mike Perault said if it was his truck he would be concerned too however he assured me that he had his lead tech working on my truck. Also he stated that his guy was the only one working on my truck because only one guy should tear it apart and put it back together for continuity. On September 17, 2018 I stopped by in person to check on the progress of this repair and discovered that the lead tech was not the one doing the repair it was a young lady that was inside my truck reinstalling all of the parts that were scattered around my truck. I asked Mike Perreault if this young lady was his lead tech and he replied no however his lead tech was overseeing her work which to me is not what I had originally been told. There was no lead tech or any other tech involved at this time and the young lady inside whose name is Whitney verified that she is the only one that had been working on my truck. I received a call on September 18, 2018 informing me that the truck was ready to be picked up. I discovered after inspecting what I could see that there were many problems with the truck. There were visibly cracked and broken parts reinstalled instead of replaced. I ended up with a punch list of 13 items that were evident to the naked eye therefore who knows what is wrong with what cannot be seen. I took the truck back to the service department that day however they told me to keep it until they received the new parts they had to order that had been ruined during the reassembly process. I delivered the truck back to Bell Ford on September 30, 2018 and during the time between the 18th and 30th of September I had more issues that surfaced in the dash area that could not have been originally detected until driving the truck for a while. Therefore I determined that this was going to be an ongoing problem and that I was not going to keep this vehicle. So I traded it in because of the distrust and the lying and would never feel confident with this truck in the future. I had a meeting with Lee Spencer, General Manager, and Mike Schmickle, Service Manager on October 9, 2018 in which I requested reimbursement for the amount of money I was out for the accessories for the new truck which were items that I had pruchased for the F150 truck originally. I gave Lee an itemized list which amounted to $2,063.86. Lee explained that he was leaving for Hawaii the next day (October 10, 2015) and could I give him a couple of weeks to work on a resolution. Lee and Mike aplologized for their assistant service manager, Mike Perreault lying to me about the service repair and that they did not do right by me and were sorry for everything. After Lee’s return from Hawaii I met with Lee and Mike Schmickle on October 22, 2018 where Lee apalogized again profusely for the mistakes and lying regarding this repair. There was some discussion again about the issues and Lee said he was not going to give me $2,063.86 to go away. I got up to leave and said okay then I am done and then Lee said aren’t you going to negotiate and I said okay I want $1,999.99 and Lee replied I will give you $1,000. I said no I am done and left. In summary Bell Ford admitted to bad service and their employee lying however they are not willing to make it right to my satisfaction. If all the repairs would have been done correctly I would have kept the truck and not been out any money.

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