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Bidding Buzz, eBay, Money, Home Business, Cash, Selling, Auctions, Buy It Now, Financial Freedom, Wealth, Magic, eBay magic, workshop, making money on eBay, eBay business http:/ Hello Australia, Please dont spend your $4000.00 on the eBay magic courses, this is way to expensive for information that Matt and Amanda received from classes and education put on by eBay for free in the states, then packaged it up in some plastic glossy flolders and home made recordings on the computer and audio then placing a $4000, 00 price tag, it”s crazy so crazy. Please read below Matt and Amanda”s user eBay”s user ID is : bigdollardeals they do not make $50, 000 they might have made it one but do not do it now so they are not Platinum Power Sellers. matt says exchanging timefor money is no good, so why make a million of eBay by selling product as their is only 24 hours in the day, so sell the system to sell on eBay, that way your market can grow only selling one thing and not having to expand your product basis. Guy”s their are 280 Million eBay users and 5% of them are sellers so that mean”s their are around 20 million potential customers that could invest to make a better business or their are 260 million customers that would and could go from a customer to a seller, so thats a perfect market place to sell on product to. Aha everyone say”s, are you having an aha moment as Matt would say. Now do the steps which Matt has below 1. Make yourself the expert! quoted by Matt . He has through Bidding Buzz 2. Niche down, which they have using eBay as the niche. 3. Expand of f eBay, they have with starting their own franchise. 4. Automated your business, They have by getting everyone else to sell now for them. And Watch Them Cash In! 13 million / an average of 4000 = 3250 could be less as JV have alos been bought at the price of 10 – 20 thousand and now they are seting up Global franchise and charging people $75, 000 to sell their 4000 courses preying on the dreams and hopes of average people, convincing that they can break through from what they know. They done tell you that you need at least another 50 – 100 thousand thats if you do really want to make big money importing as you will on make profit on what you sell so if you buy something for $10.00 and sell it for $20.00 you have made your $10.00 GP hardly a million. Australians Wake Up: Matt and Amanda dont follow up and enforce to tell you, unless you have alot of money to invest, you have no chance, no chance at all, if you have 0 how can you make even 1 dollar let alone a million, you need money to invest in stock and even if you spend a $1000.00 on stock at best you will make $2000.00 – 10% Paypal and eBayless – transport – GST = your profit which might be around $600.00 ontop of your originally investment. Matt and Amanda are wrong for misleading poor people looking for hope and using their fears as a tool of Manipulation, stand up Australia and report these two, spread the word and tell everyone that they are Dream Weavers and taking advantage of anyone who is willing to pay. DONT GET FOOLED DONT GET SCAMMED 🙂

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  1. Stuart Dorey
    May 11, 2021

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