Big Phils Taos Motor Sports

Big Phils Taos Motor Sports

Big Phils Taos Motor Sports My motorcycle was damaged by employees at Taos Motorsports and poorly repaired Taos, New Mexico!!. On January 9th 2018 I brought my 2002 Triumph Daytona 955-I motorcycle to Phil at his shop cause he had recently convinced me that he could sell it for me. He gave me his word that the condition the bike came to him, would be the condition i would get the bike back should i decide to pull it out. The bike was in immaculate condition when i dropped it off.. I told Phil, to sell it as is.. I told him the bike was not charging the battery. So he said they would repair that problem. I told Phil that whatever they did would have to come out of their commission. Which he originally said would be 9 percent.. I Told him, if he really pushed the sale i would give him 10 percent. A while later i went to check on the progress. His brother claimed it was leaking gas, and said they had to order some recall parts for the tank, and new spark plugs. So a few months went by, and finally i went back to pick op the bike cause i had a lady really interested in it. I picked up the bike, took it home, started washing it, and realized the headlight lens had been scratched, the fairing was cracked in two places, the tank was chipped in a few places, One off the carbon side caps inside the fairing had been broke loose from the fairing. Also, The rear fender mounting hole on left side was broken. The rear flare on both sides was chipped and scratched,. The left hand grip was also torn. So i called Phil. Returned the bike. He said they would get it repaired. From the moment i first dropped the bike off i kept stressing to them i was wanting to leave town to work in southern N.M., So, here i was, getting held up again. I checked with the body shop, they said they recieved my parts almost a week later from when i dropped it off at Taos motor sports. They claimed Phil said there was no hurry on the parts. By this time i had lost out on the work down south..!! So, over a month later, i finally got a call from Jay, Phils brother and partner. He told me i owed them $100.00 dollars for parts and labor. For things i never authorized !!!!! So i ended up having to involve city police for civil standby. On arrival, i realized the rear fender had not been repaired,. Jay stood in front of the officer and said the fender would not be repaired, and deducted $50.00 dollars..The fender was gonna cost me $75.00 to repair.. He also said the charging system had been fixed.. So in front of the officer, i asked Jay for at least a 30 day warranty, so i asked for at least 15 days. He refused again !!!!! So i loaded the bike on a trailer. With the officer present, i shut it off. Then tried to restart. it would not restart. So he said clearly the charging had not been fixed.. And we both realized why he would not give the warranty.. Recently, the bike did start leaking gas.. It looked to me, that the old parts were put back and the two line o-rings were ripped. So i had to repair it myself

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