Big State RV

Big State RV

Big State RV Poor quality repairs Houston Texas!!. Sonny Mitchell, owner of Big State RV was in my neighborhood looking for a client, (he said.) He stopped by the house and asked if I needed any “repairs” to mine…and I did so I agreed to a free estimate. Sonny examined the trailer told me what was wrong and what he could do to fix it. I needed floor repairs for rotted wood from a leaking roof and I had delamination on the front and rear of the coach. Sonny agree to fix all of it for X dollars which was very reasonable so I allowed him to start repairs. As he started in on the entrance door floor I became concerned with his methods. The wood needed to be replaced ( as agreed ) yet he had only taken off a top layer and was back filling with scabs of 2×2’s cut to fit. Then he covered the repair with automotive bondo body filler. This is not what we agreed to and not what I expected. He was also supposed to cut the bathroom floor out and replace the wood and linoleum. Instead he announced he just used ” expandable foam” and the lump in the floor from the foam ” would walk down”. He said the floor had only sunk down a little from traffic even though we found black mold under the linoleum. On the roof, he bought a gallon of Roofers Choice plastic roof coat, removed the label so I couldn’t see it and rolled it on. Product drooled over some edges as it was hastily applied. For the roof rot he cut a 4×4 square in the rubber roof, removed the upper rot and back filled with more 2×2 scabs. He caulked the cuts and brushed more roof coat on the area. There now appears to be air bubbles in the repair area. At this point I decided to stop the repairs. I told him I needed the trailer for work and would call him when I returned. The reality is I was not about to let him cut open the front or the back of the coach critical areas and I paid him about 80% of what was agreed. I didn’t want to give him that especially when he tried to convince me a major dealer would only charge $200 to fix both delaminations. I countered that any dealer is going to charge me at least an hour ( $110 ) just to roll through the door never mind delams on both ends of the coach. The short is a very poor quality repair and I accept some responsibility for hiring a street vendor. I would advise you don’t. This guy appears to have deep financial trouble as he asked I issue the payment to his son which I found to be a strange request.

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