Billy Demetro

Billy Demetro

Billy Demetro – Crook, will not pay his bill on piece of junk camper that he sold, Douglasville Georgia!!. On 2/9/18 Billy Demetro called our RV repair center in Augusta GA and requested that we repair a camper in Edgefield, SC for him. Mr. Demetro sold a 2019 Keystone Hideout travel trailer (vin ending in 7203742) to a Mr. Wright the day before and had warrantied the camper for items that did not work. This camper was falsly sold to Mr. Wright as a 2017, but that is a different claim. Billy Demetro claimed to be an RV dealer in Atlanta and requested that we go to the customers site and repair what ever is needed and he would pay the bill. We instructed him of the labor and travel charges and he said that he would gladly pay the bill, just take care of his customer. We freekently do repairs for RV Dealers like Camping World, so this in not unusual for us. I went to Mr. Wrights location in Edgefield SC the same day and replaced the converter. It was VERY obvious this camper had been in water. The converter had water damage and the furnace was very rusted with water damage. After replacing the converter I now had 12VDC restored to the camper and could check the other appliances and battery charge system. Battery charging good and refrigerator started working on both LP gas and AC modes (will have to run over night to verify cooling). Next I verified the water heater was lighting on LP gas and the AC element was pulling about 8 amps, so it was working. I next attempted to light the stove, it would not light but the water heater and the refrigerator were working on LP gas. I opened the top lid on the stove and found the gas line caped off (Obvious major problem). I attached the gas line and the stove would light but would cut off, then not re-light (very strange). Stove must need a regulator since no problem with other gas appliances. Next I checked the air conditioner (A/C). Neither A/C or furnace were working. No 12VDC at the A/C thermostat. In this install the Manufacturer supplies 12VDC to the A/C thermostat through the furnace. The furnace was mounted way up under the kitchen cabinet and no way to test where it was mounted. At this point I figured that I would have to remove the furnace and carry back to shop to diagnose. I stopped and called Billy at this point and told him what I had done and what I needed to do. He said no problem, fix it. I removed the furnace and was able to bypass the 12VDC at the furnace location and supply the thermostat voltage and the roof A/C was now working. Mr. Wright had me check the LP gas detector. The detector was not working. So everything but the LP detector, stove, and furnace are now working. I had 2-1/2 hours of labor at this point plus travel and $260 part in the converter. Carried the furnace back to the shop and bench tested Monday morning. I replaced the control board and had to repair three broken deteriorated wires in the furnace. I was amazed that it then fired right up the first time with all the water damage it had. The blower motor was making a bit of noise but it was heating great. I ordered a regulator for the stove. On 2/12/18 I had a hour of labor and $200 in furnace control board and misc supplies. On 2/15/18 I returned to the customer location and installed the new LP detector and furnace. I had a hard time replacing the stove regulator but got it replaced. The stove was still operating strange. At this point I had another 1-1/4 hour labor, 2nd travel charge, and $130 in the stove regulator and LP detector, but the stove was still not working correctly but all other LP gas items working fine (very strange, I have never seen this problem before). I returned back to my shop and got my monometer (LP gas testing guage) and a tank regulator with hoses. Returned back to Mr. Wrights location and tested the LP gas system. The tank regulator was blowing the water out my monometer. I replaced the tank regulator with new style hoses and verified LP had 14″ H2O. Now the stove started working. Now I was finished with a 3rd travel charge, one more hour labor and $75 more in parts. My bill total was $1589.83. $638.73 in parts, $575 in labor, $300 in travel, plus tax and supplies. I called Billy Demetro and he wanted me to email him the bill, which I did on Friday afternoon when I returned to the shop. Later that day I recieved a rude text complaining about my bill. Monday morning I received a rude email stating he was not going to pay my bill. I called him and it took several times to get him on the phone. When I did he stated he would not pay the bill and for me to sue him. What a jerk, I did a lot of work for him and his customer plus I have $638 in parts. I called Mr. Wright and told him I wanted to return and recover my parts since Billy Demetro did not plan to pay me. Mr. Wright called Billy Demetro and next I recieved an email that Billy would pay me $750. I told him that was an insult. What a jerk. Please do not buy anything from this crook. At this point I am still working on what to do. I have called a lawyer and have spoken several times with Mr. Wright. God has a place in Hell for people like Billy Demetro.

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