bmwofbeverlyhills auto fraud, end lease ripoff Los Angeles California!!. We are having an issue with BMW Financial. Here is our story: On December, 12 2018 I leased a 2018 BMW 535i (39-month lease) and obtained insurance from BMW Financial for u201cwear & tear u201cprotection. In September 2018 we planned to get (exchange for) a new, 2019 BMW 535i. On September 7, 2015, I went through a pre-inspection of the condition of 2018 BMW 535i. I was told by the u201cLease End Manageru201d that the u201cwear & tear u201cprotection would cover all the minor scuffs and damages that the 2018 BMW 535i incurred during its 39-month lease period. I did not incur any additional damages to the vehicle between September, 2018 to November, 2015. On November, 5 2018 I exchanged the 2018 BMW 535i for a new 2019 BMW 535i (36-month lease). On the day I picked up my 2019 BMW 535i, November, 5 2015, I had one more inspection of the condition of the 2018 BMW. I was told by the u201cLease End manageru201d that the u201cwear & tearu201d protection insurance would cover all the damages and I would not get any extra charges from BMW. Recently, I received an invoice from BMW Financial for $1232.09 u201cfor excess wear and tear,u201d along with my Lease End Statement. On the u201cLease Checku201d report of the 2018 BMW 535i, made by AutoVIN, I found that the u201cLessee Signatureu201d was not mine, and therefore fraudulent. I addressed this discovery with the BMW Financial Representative (Carson). Carson said it was the signature of the inspector who made the u201cLease Checku201d report. I contacted AutoVin and had multiple round-about conversations with employees who refused to take responsibility or give me the name of the Inspector who conducted the inspection and fraudulently signed in my stead. I had multiple similar conversations with BMW. At this juncture BMW has not made any attempt to solve the situation; I refuse to pay an invoice based on FRAUD and would like to have these charges removed. My wife, Victoria, was a witness. We were shopping for cars together. Needless to say, I need help solving this problem and would truly appreciate your advise on whether I can pursue this legally. Thank you! Alex. (323) 5xx-xxxx (((REDACTED)))

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