Bob McKinneys towing and garage

Bob McKinneys towing and garage

Bob McKinneys towing and garage McKinneys FRAUD/By installing a used part(charged for new) that in turn caused electrical damage,then engine lock up cause oil full of gas. Martinsville Indiana!!. FRAUD was committed here by first installing a “USED” and possibly wrong fuel pump in a Classic Auto worth thousands.AND charged for a new one.Then fuel pump burnt up brain ,this was verified through examination by a specialist of FORD products. The entity kept the vehicle for many mnths( fuel pump ” used install,charged for new,then drove just a little and brain burnt up,then ” I ” located brain,and on warranty follow up of the situation,the entity installed it/ during this process and when I finaly picked up,there was a gas leak at “o” rings to fuel pump,wasted bout 100 worth of gas,and a hazard to drive,Yes there was cash /credit on this as he was paid( 581.62) for the NEW fuel pump install( which was a faulty used one)….PICKED UP,PAID installment,then came back following mnth and paid in full.Then after driving it burnt up the brain that I had to end up getting,after he lied about getting it( holding my car while supposedly waiting on the brain…he never ordered a brain,I found it on ebay and elivered it to be installed,like he was stalling that the car be on his lot longer?RUDE,STAND OFFISH,INTIMIDATING BEHAVIOUR BY McKinney and threatened by him and his staff( told me to get my Fnnn car off lot,he didnt care how I no action of mine.I just wanted my car fixed.I never one time was rude,or even impatient after many mnths,am disabled and taken advantage of very much so by fraud.When they first got my car,I called the second day and he had said they were useing starter fluid etc to try and start,and I said you cant use started fluid on that type of engine,he disagreed,but that would explain the oil was totally saturated with almost pure gas or eather?,and thats what locked up the engine,after the second mechanics fix for test purposes useing an almost new fuel pump,car ran for approcximately 15 miles and died in mechanics driveway,we checked and found like water,pure almost gas and eather I.m assuming? I then hired another mechanic to fix gas leak because didnt trust the entity(McKINNEYS),and he DAVE Stappert removed old fuel pump,was NOT new!!…I then notified Bob McKinney about it,he said I authorized that an old one be put in!!..NO I DID NOT…why would anyone pay that kind of price for a used,or even WANT a used fuel pump?Bear in mind that after the car was moved to Stapperts it had only been driven a few miles with gas leaking from mc kinneys faulty install of simply gas lines to fuel pump,no sign of tank being dropped at all,so some how just lowered part of tank and sloppely put it in,so many months of insurance,unabale to drive.I complained but nothing done.I have pictures time stamped,journal of whole incident,receipts,witnessess etc….Car has been gone for scrap by Mr. Stappert for fee…..I surrendered car to him.Then he says he wont even get involved with an attorney general report,scared he said….

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