Brake World Pembroke Pines Florida

Brake World Pembroke Pines Florida

Brake World Pembroke Pines Florida They use Bait and Switch tactics, used incorrect parts to fix my car, lied to my face, erased records claiming work was never performed at their shop. My car broke down on the road and I had to get it fixed somewhere else. Not Trustworthy, nor competent. They prey on your lack of knowledge when something is wrong with your vehicle. Pembroke Pines Florida!!. Brake World in Pembroke Pines at the Kmart shopping plaza is a SCAM ARTIST SHOP. They lure you in with discount coupons for oil changes, brakes etc….As most shops do however once they inspect your car they tell inform you it needs this that and the other. My case was shocks for my Jeep Grand cherokee, replacing all four. And Claiming to fix a leaking oil pan. For the oil pan I waited almost four hours, the car broke down while traveling out of town and I had to have someone else repair it. When I got that fixed I found out the Shocks they put on my Jeep were for a passenger car. Whenever I went over a speed bump or dip in the road the front shocks would bottom out (metal to metal). The car was also extremely bouncy and unstable. So I called BrakeWorld to tell them I was coming back because of the shocks and oil pan leak and asked if they could look up my account to see if my account would show what kind of shocks they were because their was no label on them. They guy on the phone from Braked World stated I needed to come to the shop for them to inspect the shocks. Two days later I was at the shop explaining how bad the shocks were and that I had to fix the oil pan at another shop because the car broke down. ELI the so claimed owner at Brake World stated I was never at his shop for those services and there was no record of the shocks or oil pan being fixed at Brake World. Then he had the nerve to show me on his computer that there was no record of the service and that I probably went somewhere else and don’t remember. Of course I told him he was wrong and that I will obviously have to look for my receipt and credit card payment. In the meantime I adamently went over what occurred when ELI performed the services and showed him how bouncy and unsafe the shocks were and that I had to fix the leaking oil pan somewhere else. ELI claimed he needed to test drive the JEEP because he didn’t know what bottoming out meant. ELI also tried to change my words and state I heard a noise from the shocks or something else being very evasive and vague as if to confuse me. The mechanic went on a test drive and slammed on the brakes at a stoplight and both front shocks bottomed out (metal on metal clanging). When we got back to the shop the mechanic said nothing wwas wrong with the shocks and walked away. Even went so far as to say the shocks were safe, and if their was a problem the Jeep would be bouncing and unstable, and would have uneven ware on my tires. Well that is exactly what is occuring with my jeep as I explained to ELI once again. It was doing exactly that when the mechanic test drove my Jeep. ELI simply walked away and said “SEE the brakes are fine…….! I asked ELI again what type of brakes are those and what is the caliber or PSI rating because they are obviously not made for this Jeep. I even asked again if he wanted to hone up to the situation because I will find my receipts and he said “their is nothing wrong with the Jeep and anybody could have fixed the shocks or oil pan and that they don’t make those king of repairs at Brake World. I can’t begin to write all of the lies I was told. but the bottom line is they bait and switch as snake oil salesman and put incorrect, unsafe parts on peoples vehicles. It is important the public knows this because I could have very easily have gotten in an accident with my family in the jeep.

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