Brandon Simmons

Brandon Simmons

Brandon Simmons I got ripped off by Brandon and fake eBay Financial Dept. Nationwide!!. I found a used car in my local newspaper. I could afford it, it was older an 05, but the odometer said 57600 miles, and from the pictures it looked great. I called and text the number several times and the (seller) finally got back to me. Now that Ive been ripped off its the same sad story. Brandon was just moved back to Sheppard air force base in Texas. He sent me pix which included the vin# and the odemeter reading. Checked with vin pro everything looked good. Brandon had the car dropped shipped to the closest air force base Kirkland. Supposedly the signed title and bill of sale were in the glovebox. Brandon said that Kirkland would deliver it to me after I secured my payment with eBay Financial Dept. I would get the car for 5 days, if I approved it eBay would release the funds to (Brandon).I followed the instructions from eBay, went and purchashed 5 $500.00 ebay gift cards with cash, scratched off the cover of all 5 cards redemption codes and the activation codes and scanned them and sent them to ebay. 3 hours later ebay emailed me and said everything was good and I would have the car delivered to my home before 12 noon the next day. When I woke up the next day, there was an email from ebay saying the cards were not activated properly and that they would refund my money no later than Wed. Jan 6th upon approval from thier financialn dept. ebay then told me I needed to submit another $2500.00 the same way within 24 hours to get the car. (Brandon) also asked me to get the money somehow (beg, borrow, etc) and resubmit it so I could get the cart. Ay that point I realized something Fishy was going on! I never got my money back, I am retired and live on a small income, it took me 2 years to save $2500.00. I am throughly digusted with scammers like this and Im a fool to have fell for this scam! In the meantime I have contacted the real Ebay, and asked them to research the gift cards ( I emailed the scanned docs) and asked if they could track when and by whom they were used, as the value of the gift cards was now about $30.00 as I checked the balances. Now I have about $30.00 out of $2500.00! Ebay has Not gotten back to me. Please be aware, so many bad people out there, they DONT care what they do or if they ruin peoples lives! Thank you

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