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Bright Now! Dental Complaint

Bait and Switch tactics used blatantly, especially with the regular cleaning offer advertised- almost ALWAYS pressured by false statements into a “deep cleaning”. I did not let them get to this point with me, thank God, because my root canal billing mess made me fed up before we even got to the cleaning. Anyhow~ I have insurance, check for local dentists, see Bright Now advertisements, decided to try them. BIG MISTAKE!! DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE, UNLESS YOU HAVE AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF MONEY TO WASTE AND YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT BEING TREATED RUDELY, BAITED AND SWITCHED, AND TREATED AS A LAB RAT IN A ROTATING CHAIR. If this is the case, and you have the patience and resources- then Bright Now Dental is for YOU!! First appointment- get the x-rays done, and everything is going smoothly, and they seem nice at first- I do have insurance after all, so they see dollar signs. Cool- understood, as it is a business after all. I am told my insurance should cover most of the root canal and crown, but there would be a balance left over for me to cover, but not to worry, because there are financing options. Cool, let”s continue. Second appointment- fill out the financial paperwork and am approved for more than the balance- awesome, let”s continue. Root canal goes smoothly, and the actual dentist is good- no complaints there. Being a lab rat is not so bad, because it is a tough procedure, and he made it seem easy. Temporary crown put on, and third appointment set for a week or so later to put the actual crown on. Cool. So far, so good. HOWEVER~ and here is where it gets bad: I am finished with the temp crown and set to leave when I am stopped by the front desk and asked to fill out the financial paperwork. OK, no problem. Upon filling out the paperwork it is required that I give my bank account number for automatic withdraw. Hell no- I have done this sort of thing in the past, and the companies auto-withdrawing always seem to have some sort of computer “issue”, or hidden fees, and more gets taken out than what is agreed upon, thus causing overdraft fees, and in one case completely emptying my account, almost causing an eviction. Nothing was mentioned of this when I was approved and agreed to continue the procedure. Had it been mentioned up front, I would have NOT agreed to continue with the root canal. So, because I refused to give my bank account number, the finance company refused to help. My guess is because they have hidden fees, and will not be able to collect these without auto-withdraw. No big surprise. So, now I am stuck with a partially done procedure, and they want the full amount of the balance in one lump sum, or no work will continue. I refuse, but I do suggest a payment plan which they refuse to work with me on. Pay all now, or no more work. Bait and Switch. The amount has now been sent to collections, and of course they ridiculously jacked up the cost, and it has now hit my credit report. I refuse to pay- the work is NOT complete. Still have the loose temporary crown in for almost a year now. I have reported them to the State Attorney Generals office, and suggest the rest of you do as well. I doubt anyone that works for the company gives a rats behind, they are probably trained well with the bait and switch, and even have helpful “educational videos” to use as scare tactics. Bogus scam of a business for certain.

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