Budget Avis Espana Spain

Budget Avis Espana Spain

Budget/Avis Espana ,Spain, Budget EspanaAvis EspanaAvis/Budget Group; INCOMPETENT & uncaring staff = dangerous car + ripoff Barcelona 08820!!. I am a seasoned Canadian traveler to Europe and have crossed the Atlantic regularly for over 40 years! I’ve rented vehicles from El Prat (Barcelona) Airport many times before (as well as other locations) and all has gone well. This time I rented through Pricelline and they got me a deal with Avis/Budget Espana (Budget at El Prat Airport) This is when the horrible experience started: I was asked for an International Driver’s Licence by a most arrogant and insisting attendant, Natalia, and when I objected that: a) no pre-existing notice of this was given; and b) I’d rented cars all over Europe before without this requirement, her most insulting answer was “Well it is for you to know”! In spite of my having already specified the vehicle, type of coverage etc.I wanted, Natalia insisted in going over every offering she could present, not only wasting our time but making the long queue much longer! At the end of the most insulting and frustrating experience with Natalia, all three of us were thoroughly insulted at being treated with such contempt by Natalia! When I retrieved the car, it was presumably roadworthy and safe, as it the responsibility of Avis/Budget to insure that it is! We later discovered that it was not! In fact, while driving on the A7 Autopista at 120 km/hr, I discovered that the rear hatchback “shelf” was broken and didn’t close properly and fully blocked the rearview mirror! So I had to remove it to be safe. This was only (U.S.) of our discoveries of the incompetence of AvisBudget! When we arrived at destination, we were so disturbed by (5 above) that we stopped at the first safe opportunity and fully examined the vehicle. We discovered additional – and dangerous – faults: A rear light was not working! Dangerous! The driver’s seat backrest could not be adjusted as the handle was missing. The only way this seat could be adjusted was with a pair of pliers and we did not have any! This provided me with a serious back ache! The speedometer was not working properly and “flickering” all the time” Dangerous! The vehicle had two unaccounted-for scratches on the left rear fender: we most likely would have been charged for them! I then attempted to call Avis/Budget at the supplied number and left a message (It was Easter). To this day, no one has returned my call! As (7) failed, I then wrote a very explicite email to Avis/Espana and still await their answer! Seeing that my efforts to contact Avis/Budget Espana failed, I then wrote a very explicite complaint letter to Priceline (U.S.) Chief Legal Officer and sent a copy to Avis/Budget Group (U.S.), who did acknowledge my email! I returned the vehicle as scheduled on April 21 and brought the situation to their attention! (El Prat Avisu00e9Budget). I was then referred to Kilian Iglesias, the Manager at Avis/Budget El Prat. He was most apologetic and mentioned having already received a copy of my complaint letter! Mr. Iglesias then offered to “hold the vehicle charge” until their office invetigated the complaint and “then would contact me”. After 7 days, we still have not heard from Mr. Iglesias or anyone at Avis/Budget, Priceline. I discovered that my credit card was charged the full rental price on the same day the car was returned, the whole, contrary to Mr. Iglesias’ assurances! Needless to say, I have lost all trust in Avis/Budget Espana (as well as their owners…) and will never deal with them again and fully intend to sue them! If you rent a car in Spain, avoid Avis/Budget at all costs! Gilles Brossard Qc.

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