Bulldog Truck Sales Second City Financing

Bulldog Truck Sales Second City Financing

Bulldog Truck Sales / Second City Financing Sold me a truck that kept breaking down Cumming Georgia!!. I went to Bulldog Truck Sales in Cumming Ga to buy a truck for by one person busines. I picked out the truck on-line. Once I was there I got to look at the truck. A 2018 International Prostar. Never got to test drive it. I put $505.00 down over the phone to hold the truck until I got there. I was told these trucks go fast. Then a pond arrival I gave them another 3100.00 in cash for the truck. I thought this entire time I was buying this truck, instead I was leasing the truck from Second City. I was told the payments were going to be 2150.00a month. Then I was hit with them needing a escrow account which they would take a 150.00 each payment until a total of 3000.00 was met. I was told this was my money to be used for repairs if I needed it. When all the paperwork was signed and i was able to leave i Drove into a rain storm the windshield wasnu2019t sealed and allowed rain to pour into the dash, causing all types of dash lights to come on. I contacted Kevin at the dealer and he repaired the windshiel. Then a noise started under the truck with a vibration. Unjoint went out plus other issues. Around 580.00 to fix it Remember I got this truck September 21 of 2018. Two weeks later I had to repair a busted wheel seal and put brakes on all 4 wheels on the back of the truck around 700.00. Then on my way out west another check engine light came on with the traction control light and the abs light. Also the truck wouldnu2019t pull. i took the truck to the dealer in Boise ID. Electrical is Sussexu2019s this time another 890.00. The truck kept breaking down week. Tires they put on the truck wore out in December 3200.00 for tires. In 4 months I spent nearly 10,000.00 repairing this trucK. I spoke to both gentlemen by the name of Kim and David. All they said was is was a used truck and Iu2019m should expect issues. I got this truck to run a business instead it broke me. In December a deer ran out in front of the truck. I took the truck in for an estimate roughly 5700.00 in damageS. But no one would use used parts. Second City wanted new parts on the truck. So I hired a attorney to get the other money for new parts. During this time the truck went down for repairs again. This time 618.00 David told me I had 900.00 in my escrow account to help with the repairs. Didnt get any of it I made arrangements to return the truck to Second City. I spoke with Kim he kept saying how bad this was. I gave them both insurance checks totaling 8899.94 for the repairs from the deer. I asked today February 1st about the 900.00 that had nothing to do with this truck and remember I was told itu2019s my money, (Kim) said I still had a 1000.00 deductible due. But I was told the day I returned the truck that it was going to be repaired in housE. Kim and David both told me standing in the parking lot that I may get a return. Now they are keeping my 900.00 My friend got a truck from them before I did truck broke down the first day costed thousands of dollars to fix it. I was told they went thru this truck before I got it. The truck had sit for some time. Algae was in the fuel tanks. If you drive for a living you will know this isnu2019t norma. It kept clogging fuel filters I got different chemicals to kill it but it kept going thru fuel filters All their truck are in the 500,000 mile range. This one truck has financialy Ruined me I have text messages from Kim telling to return the truck and we would settle up on the 900.00. Then they had to have the second insurance check now I have a deductiblE in other words we are keeping your money. Bad company to due business with. The prey on those that have bad or poor credit problems and sale them trucks that cost money to repair. Be aware of this company

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