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Buy Wheels Today

Buy Wheels Today Buy Wheels Online Defective tires, Will NOT RETURN Internet!!. Ordered through Amazon on Oct 12th, 2 Nexen tires. Delivered Oct 16th. Took that night and paid $30 for local Walmart to mount/balance. Driving home, steering wheel shaking above 60mph. Took back to Walmart next evening for rebalance, same result.. Called Buy Wheels Today on Oct 18th. They told me to go to Mike’s Service Center for warranty. Took off work Friday morning Oct 19th to go to Mike’s. Pulled wheels, put on balancer, found tires to be “out of round” and had “radial runout”. Wayne, mngr of Mike’s noted on ticket, and that Mikes had no way to warranty this model Nexen tire. Not sold in area. Called Buy Wheels Today again. Told could either ship back, at my expense, and get possibly 50% refund???, or deal with Nexen Tire USA. Called Nexen, got voicemail. After an hour and a half, called back. Got a person who said she would look into it. Called me back sometime later, sent me to a warehouse, that did not mount tires… Called them back. Wanted me to drive 200miles. Not acceptable. Finally called me back late in day, said a shop 30 miles away could warranty them. I called them, no answer. I told Mike’s(who I now owed money to for diagnosis), to mount 2 of their tires before they closed on Friday. 100% fixed problem. Never heard back from Buy Wheels, so filed claim with on Nov 2nd. Some confusion with Amazon about when I contacted Buy Wheels> guess Buy Wheels lied about talking to me on Oct 18th? I faxed phone records showing MULTIPLE calls to Buy Wheels Today, and Nexen Tire USA, along with receipt from Mike’s Service(who Buy Wheels sent me to), with notation of defective tires, to So then Buy Wheels denies refund, still saying tires are now USED, with 60 total miles on them. 40+ going to shop THEY sent me to! Amazon credited my account $30, to cover shipping(hope that’s enough, will ship tonight), Buy Wheels saying they cannot pay shipping back, because I filed A to Z claim with Amazon! Never in my 46 years have I had to deal with this horrible customer service! Now Buy Wheels Today is saying I better hurry and send the tires back, AT MY COST, before they change their mind about my refund! Seriously? Yes, I have ALL the emails.

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