BuyAVette Complaint

Bought my first ever corvette from Buy A Vette in Atlanta on October 2015, if I had known about corvettes I definitely wouldn”t have bought that particular car from them. The salesman assured me I was getting a reliable car (2002 auto coupe with 86k miles for $19050.75 after trade in) and he also sold me a “top notch” extended warranty which cost me $ 2, 431 included in above price. Right of the lot the car was riddled with problems and was in the shop 5 times before I even made my first car payment. Here is a list: 1) As soon as I parked the car at home I noticed it was leaking oil. Bad oil pressure unit. They replaced it at no charge. 2) Got the car back and it was leaking coolant. Coolant tank had a crack. Was covered by warranty with 100$ deductible. 3) Leaving the shop active handling control went bad, had to turn around from 1 hour commute to take car back, this time it came out of my pocket. 4) Car was still leaking coolant now it was a bad water pump another 100$ deductible. 5) When I bought the car the front windshield weatherstripping was broken. Salesman told me it would be no problem. First day it rained my car got wet. Had to spend 500$ on a new one and 200$ for them to install. 6) Front air damn spoiler was missing, again had to buy it out of my pocket. They installed it at no charge and when they did they pointed out radiator support was bent. 7) Driver side turn signal was cracked, which was letting water in and blowing the bulb. Also had to buy new housings and pay out of pocket to install. 8) Driver side headlight was missing side cover gasket, also had to buy. 9) Car came with no manual also had to buy. 10) Both seats had tears on them. 11) Several interior tabs were missing. 12) Climate control lights partially working. 13) Driver side mirror was damaged. 14) Ripped trim on passenger door. 15. Bent radiator support * 2/9/17 Starter went out on the car. Warranty was supposed to cover towing but they only covered 50$ had to pay 75$ out pocket. Mechanic which I”ve used for 10 years said it would be 4 hours of work but warranty was only willing to cover 1.5 hours. Problem is it”s hard to get to the starter with aftermarket headers. The car was sold to me with those headers and the salesman supposedly sold me the best warranty. Therefore it should”ve been covered at 100% instead I had to pay 312$ out of pocket. I tried to get my car into their service department but they had no openings until the 20th. I”ve also tried to give them an opportunity to fix things and all they”ve done is ignore my messages. I have all the receipts and text messages to prove all the above. That being said if you”re ever in the market for a corvette don”t buy from Buy A Vette.

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