Buyers Zone, Inc.

Buyers Zone, Inc.

The salesman was name Johnny, and he was like any other salesman trying to get people to buy a car, so i get there , I told him about the ad/commerical I saw , abiut a $1000.00 , wil get me into a car, and he pointed to the only one on lot that was for that price, I the ones i choose, werent, for some reason, so I thought , what kinda of deal is that, the suv was red , and I couldnt insurance it, cause it was high because of the red hot color on it, to insurance was high on it, so I told him that , i really dont like vehcile and I was going to look somewhere else, so he told me that he had another vehcile and I would have to place a deposit, if I wanted to make a deal on vehilce so i did , and it was the worst thing i couldve ever did, cause I allowed them to rob me blind, | so im out there with my 10 month old baby, and I call the insurance and they want me to have 500 ded, I couldnt get the policy until my next pay , the vehicle and my money stayed there until I could pick up with the insurance policy on the it. I came back after 7 days , and wanted to test drive the car, Johnny and I set an appointment and he wasnt there so he left the paper work with someone who had no clue of the deal , or knew how to process any of the paperwork, so i came with the insurance ready to drive off with car, no johnny , but my $1000.00 there, | so i take it for a test drive with other sales guy and I saw that that the gears between 1st and 2nd gear wasnt shifting smoothly and rattling, so I told him, the I since that the transmission is slipping, and muffer has a hole , by the sounds of thing, he says dont worry, we will fix it, your under 90days warranty and they will take care of it, so by 8;30 that night i took the car home , My head light blew, and the car speakers werent playing on one whole side of the car, I text Johnny, and he said that he would take care of it, so He knew, and I told them, I work Monday _ Friday, 7-3 , and the mechanic is busy, this week , and i have to be put on the schdule , which I have yet to be placed on , I paid the first payment of the 4 pick up payments of 175, after telling the sales guy I wasnt comfortable with the price, and I couldnot go over budget , of 300 monthly, he said that he need to gather up 700, in the first month cause he need 700, more on the down payment , when the deal was only $1000 down, so he jacks up the price on the down payment that fast, so the finance depatment supervisor need to get some signature on the leases and I went thru the papers and saw that price inflated up from 9989.00 to 21,000, so I was the owner and he could not explain why the price changed , and I asked him for my money back, cause I only hsd it for 3days and they had my 1000.00 for *days prior to then, he says that he will fix and look at car and cant give me my money, | so I got robb, and the transmisson , muffer, and electrical issue of car isnt under the warranty the claim I have , I m looking to pursue a small claim sue, and find legal help , cause now the wrongfully repot my car, because I told them i wil getting legal help, because how they did me

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