CAG chapman ford scottsdale Used car under warranty engine goes. Timing. ZERO payments made! A week in the shop NO status or call back! scottsdale Arizona!!. Was looking for a great used car for work. Searched on line found the exact one I needed for the right price. (Probably the only reason I even ended up at this place). Purchased that extended warranty (liiiiiiife SAVER!!!) In the end (IF it goes that far) I would be out about $9,000.00 ( NOTE: Thats making those payments where you actually INCLUDE the interest so you dont get a crazy balloon payment at terms end. If you pay the way they want you to pay you will end up paying $14,000.00 for a $7,000.00 vehicle!). So I went through a good month of the “we need this” and “we need that” game with these guys and finance. Took a bit too long on their end getting those ducks lined up and missed a deadline. Had car 45 days, no payment doing great they had to resend the loan. Cool im ahead of the game ok lets start again! Week or so later deals done alls well car dies! Dont panic! Just a minor spark plug issue, took to shop, replaced, no biggie heres ya rental back im on my way. ANOTHER twenty or so days and outta nowhere, catastrophic engine failure! Again, DONT panic. (Hello warranty) Had car towed to shop, (no not THEIR shop,..Got it diagnosed elswhere first! $80 bucks. Results? Valves bent and pistons are damaged. Head needs to be magna fluxed to look for cracks. (By the way, the first tow from my warranty elves was free from where the car broke down to a shop near home.) The tow to Chapman ran me $80. The car has been in the shop for a full week now. Ive been up there in person THREE times asking for the status of the car but its always “We’ll give you a call in a hour!”, or “Oh that guy doesnt get in until 1pm. (Cool!, only Im here at 9AM!) So they take my number and shoo shoo (I work too ya know). Got first payment looming like some bad omen out about a week from now. Nutshell, If they decide they are going to repair this vehicle (and properly)(trust?) Im all for it. Love the car. (Oversight on their part caused this trouble.)(and again, that warranty saaaaved my assets.) HOWEVER, IVE YET TO MAKE A PAYMENT and ID like to know if I should. WHy? Well, what if they decide to ditch this vehicle for financial purposes, (sounds like an engine rebuild from independent diagnosis) drop the loan, give my down payment back and PRAY I renogotiate on another vehicle? Do i really want $300.00 in limbo, or held ransom? First payments a week or so away. What should I do or be doing? Id appreciate the feed back and my heartfelt empathy for those folks with worse troubles than mine out there. One point in particular I have to agree with, is these poeple, (after they’ve gotten your signature) are plenty rude and concerned with the nothing but the dollar. Youll get passed around like a bad cold and avoided like the plague if your known to put up a fight or stand your ground. (Guilty) They will pacify you with the BS promise of getting back to you but hardly intend to unless neccessary to THEM. I actually got to sleep a FULL TWO HOURS in their lounge, (and I snore. LOUD.) after being told,..”Ill check, be right back”. Thats the absolute TRUTH, I woke up pissed and spittin venom.. They threw me a newer rental and got me the hell outta there, again promising to contact me asap. Never happened. So yea, rude and oblivious to your problem/complaint.

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