California Glass and Tint

California Glass and Tint

California Glass and Tint California Glass & Tint LLC Owner caused my “no problem, that’s a real easy fix” chip to become a 12-inch horizontal crack in my now ruined windshield. San Diego California!!. ALERT: Owner of company had ZERO DAMAGE LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR HIS CUSTOMERS, confirmed to me by his provider, State Farm, on 6/8/16. Please don’t make the same horrible, costly ($692.47) mistake I did or at least read below and decide for yourself!! I contacted Mr. Adrian Carranza, owner of California Glass and Tint, to discuss windshield chip repair and agreed to tentatively schedule a service call with him for Saturday, 6/4/16, at 3:00pm. Being conscientious of not wasting his time or mine, I advised that I wanted to first send him some pictures of my slight, rather unnoticeable windshield chip before confirming the appointment so that he could initially assess the damage and advise on his level of confidence to successfully make the repair. After reviewing the pics, Mr. Carranza called me back and said, “I looked at your pics and no problem, that’s a real easy fix, won’t take me 15 minutes to do it.” He arrived promptly at 3:00pm and upon approaching my windshield, I asked him to please inspect the chip again in person to confirm his prior evaluation of the damage. He looked at the chip from several angles and then said, “yep, looks just like the pics, no problem.” I then casually asked, “So how long have you been fixing windshields?” to which he replied “Over 10 years.” “Sounds good” I said, taking a few steps back and then remaining silent. I immediately became very uneasy as he seemed to be drilling and then clamping very aggressively for such a “real easy fix”. Just as I was about to say something my worst fear became a reality. Adrian had just caused my “no problem” chip to become a 12-inch horizontal crack in my now ruined windshield. He repeatedly apologized and then we called our insurance companies. We were both advised to call back on Monday and file a claim with his Insurance. Adrian asked if I preferred to go through my insurance company with him paying me cash for my deductible or if I was okay with going through the claim filing process of having his insurance pay for a new one. Not wanting him to have to pay out of pocket, I agreed in good faith to work with his insurance to handle the claim. He gave me the contact information for his local State Farm Agent, Raphael (office phone # 619-569-2220, press #2 for his extension) and we both agreed to get the claim filed and the ball rolling on Monday. He assured me not to worry as it would all be taken care of and then we parted ways. On Monday morning Adrian called me advising that he had contacted State Farm to accept responsibility for the accident so I could just call their claims department directly instead. I spoke with Claims Processing Agent Justin Johnson (direct phone # 480-636-3207) and had no trouble getting the claim filed. I was assigned the State Farm Claim #55893J511 and also provided the contact information for my Claims Manager, Cory (phone # 855-856-3381 ext. 4806363220) On Tuesday afternoon Adrian called and completely blindsided me, sarcastically stating that he was no longer accepting any responsibility for the damages and “claiming” that his insurance company told him to not have any further contact with me and as far as he was concerned I was all on my own to pay for the windshield to be replaced. Being very likely that Adrian will say I am lying and/or try to refute my review of his business, I feel it’s important that I share these indisputable pieces of information. I would be quite pleased to see Mr. Carranza attempt to “explain” and/or contradict the following FACTS: After breaking my windshield, Adrian offered that he should have warned me that further damage could result from the repair attempt and admitted that he did not indicate that potential outcome in any way prior to working on the chip. He also did not advise me of, present me with, discuss/explain or have me sign anything related to what’s known as a “PDR”-(Pre-existing Damage Report). According to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, he is required to obtain his customer’s signature on a PDR prior to performing any work on their vehicle. FACT #1: HE DOES NOT HAVE A PDR WITH MY SIGNATURE ON IT. FACT #2: I was given confirmation by his State Farm Insurance provider on 6/8/16 that Adrian Carranza did not even have damage liability insurance on his policy! I’m sure Adrian will deny saying or offering to pay for my insurance deductible or that he called State Farm to assume responsibility for the damage, but if that were true then why did he FACT#3: provide me with his local State Farm Agent Raphael’s contact information? How would I have been able to proceed with State Farm claims agent Justin Johnson and receive FACT#4: State Farm damage claim #55893J511 and then be assigned the claims case manager Cory? How could I possibly have accomplished all of those things if Adrian had never assumed any responsibility, provided me with his insurance information or aided the claim filing process in any way?!?

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