Capital Equipment Company

Capital Equipment Company

Capital Equipment Company Titan Industrial NSC Equipment Ramco Ram Tough Industrial Ultra Power USA American Fab, Inc AMPRO Company Carolina Industrial Equipment NATCO Trying to sell equipment using dishonest tactics Travelers Rest South Carolina!!. These folks come around our area a few times a year. A truck will show up with new tools in the back of it. They will usually be new. They’ll have a story why they need to get rid of it. Left over from a trade show? Ordered too many? Boss will be mad if I bring these back without selling them? I’m sure there’s more. They will give you a price list showing how much everything costs. The list I got has a 8.4 KW gas powered generator. Price on it is listed at $6,250. Northern Tool sells a similar quality generator (but 9 KW, so bigger) for $600. And they are a legit company. You can search that this is a well known dishonest sales tactic. Multiple companies sell the same equipment. I found a good description of the sales tactic from a lawsuit I found while googling. Lawsuit is linked here: “As part of the standard routine, the salesperson would show to a prospective customer paperwork indicating the value of the truckload of equipment was approximately $15,000. u2002 The salesperson explained to the customer that, in order to avoid shipping the equipment back to South Carolina, he was authorized to sell the equipment at a good price. If the customer made an offer on the equipment, the salesperson would generally then call Larry Masters (Masters), a Ramco employee in South Carolina. Masters’s role was to increase the price paid for the equipment and verify to the customer that the equipment was not stolen.2 u2002In this capacity, Voss called Ramco’s office in South Carolina at least two to five times a day. u2002 As long as the sales price was more than the cost of the equipment, the salesperson did not need authorization for any sale. u2002 Voss sold equipment below his cost between one and ten times. Voss testified that, for new salespersons, Ramco guaranteed that if they called Ramco with an offer of $750 or more three times a day, five days a week, Ramco would give them $1,000 if they did not make a sale that week. “Generally, the cost to the salesperson for each truckload of equipment was between $2100 and $2500. u2002 When the equipment was sold, the salesperson paid this amount to Jones and kept for himself the difference between the cost and ultimate sales price. Jones then took his predetermined share and forwarded the balance to Ramco. If Voss was paid in cash, he simply passed payment down the line to Ramco through Jones. u2002If he was paid by check made payable to Ramco, he was furnished an identification card that authorized him to cash it. If he could not cash the check, he forwarded the check to Ramco, and Ramco remitted the funds down the line. Lastly, if a purchase order was issued, it was sent to Ramco and payment was made by Ramco to Voss and Jones.” So long story short – These tools probably function, but they are cheaply made, and not worth the price. T

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