Car City - Orbit Leasing

Car City - Orbit Leasing

Car City – Orbit Leasing is a RIP OFF 6 months after purchase engine is blown then transmission Lansing Michigan!!. In October of 2018 I bought a 2003 GMC Envoy from Car City. They told me like they tell everyone else that they did a 5 point inspection on the vechile and everything was great with it! Huh weird 3 days after getting it home it started stalling, I had to push the gas in to get it to start, then a weird ticking noise started which is still going on to this day. They can’t seem to figure it out. In Dec. the water pump went out, I took the vechile in and gave them a list of things that needed repaird, got the vechile back and only one thing was repaired the water pump while the other 6 things were left untouched including the ticking noise. Then April of this year I was driving down the high way and the engine blew up. The engine had less then 91,000 miles on it. Car City replaced the engine charging me 400$ which isn’t bad I guess, but REALLY?? 6 months after purchase…The day I picked it up I drove a quarter of a mile and the transmission went out on it. I had to literaly push it back up into the parking lot and once again my vechile that I pay 500$ a month for is not drivable. Car City DID pay for the transmission cost but the fact that I have had to drive shitty vechiles and im paying soo much for a nice car makes me angry. This vechile has sat more in car citys mechanics lot then Ive been able to drive it. I have had to take it back to them 4 times to work on the transmission! Not to mention the idiot who put the engine in, hooked up my washer fluid so that the front sparys the back window and the back window botton sprays the front windshield REALLY SMART). This is the type of people that your dealing with when you go through car city. I have never EVER felt so USED and ROBBED of my hard earned $$ and theirs nothing I can do about it! only car i got to get back and forth to work and they have just screwed me over and over again on this vechile. DO NOT BUY a car from this company!! They make a good sales pitch but they are all liars!! Worst liars of any car dealer shop Ive ever seen or been through.

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