Car City

Car City

Car City Orbit Leasing BEWARE of their Predatory, Deceptive & Fraudulent Sales and Business Practices Wyoming, Michigan!!. Purchased 2004 Pontiac Aztec from Car City in late spring of 2012. The purchase was financed with there financing arm, Orbit Leasing. During the sales process, Car City’s Sales Manager Sam told me that all of their cars went through a 100 point inspection, that they gave them all tune ups and changed the oil. They even had a “back lot” that held over 100 cars that Sam pointed out had failed the inspection and therefore didnt meet their standards and would be sold at auction. In addition, I asked Sam whether the car had been involved in an accident, and he replied “absolutely not. We dont resale cars that have been in accidents. We check the vehicle history to make sure.” About two weeks after purchasing the Aztec I took the car back to Car City to have the muffler check as the car was making a constant loud noise. As a favor, they “replaced” the muffler and only charged me a $100 “deductible”. Everything was fine with the car for awhile. It drove ok. And I kept up with the proper maintenance. I had the oil changed every 4-5K miles, changed the gas filter, air filter etc. Then in early March of this year the car starting acting up, hesitating between 45-50 miles per hour. So I took the car into a mechanic and was told that the car needed a new muffler and exhaust system. According to my mechanic, my “mew” muffler wasnt a new muffler after all, it was actually the old muffler with a hole in it that had a “patch” welding it shut. So I had them replace the old “fixed” muffler with a new one. Then about a ten days later, the car started making a pinging noise. It took me a couple of days to take it into the mechanic and by then the pinging had gotten worse… What the mechanic told me this time really surprised me. According to him, my 2004 Aztec still had the original plugs and wires in it. This time the “fix” was a brand new engine. Instead a friend and I loaded up the Aztec on his trailer and delivered back to Car City – Orbit Leasing.. And I had one more surprise. As my friend was unloading the car from the trailer he says “Hey did you know that this car has been wrecked?” I say how can you tell? He says “the back bumper and the gas tank have part numbers painted on them from a junk yard”. So good ole Sam, the Sales Manager at Car City is a liar. He lied about them completing a tune up on all their vehicles. And Same lied when he said the car had not been in an accident. Yes, I should have had all this checked out before I bought. But my credit is in the dumps and I needed a vehicle. Plus, it seemed to make sense. I was paying top dollar for a used car but thought it was because the cars they were selling were well maintained. Plus I checked these guys out on the net and it the reviews were almost all very good. Come to find out, they have a very aggressive campaign where they have customers give them positive reviews before they even leave the lot.. My advice to anyone with bad credit looking for a car.. Stay away from these people. They are in business to do nothing but take advantage of your situation.

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