Carfirst of Aberdeen

Carfirst of Aberdeen

Carfirst of Aberdeen Sells junk cars with no inspection Aberdeen Maryland!!. Purchased 2004 Lincoln Aviator with 142,885 on the odometer on 12/1/2018 as a secondary vehicle. Gave $3000 down toward financed purchase and purchased a 12,000 mile or 1 year warranty for an additional $2400. Car was listed as being inspected on 11/29/2018 but i never received an inspection certificate? I Did not take vehicle home on 12/1/2018 because of key issue. Picked up vehicle from lot on 12/3/2018 after locksmith came out. Drove car home and check engine light was blinking on and off. Made owner Amir aware and was told it was probably bad gas cause truck has been sitting? I put full tank high octane gas in tank and A week later light still blinking as well as stalling and hesitation. Owner Amir then says to take to any dealer to have diagnosed cause warranty will fix issue. I took truck to local certified mechanic/ body shop on 1/20/2019 and truck was diagnosed as having multiple misfire codes, bad spark plugs, bad coils and a catalytic converter. Called warranty company after diagnosis and they would not cover the repairs because they state these were pretty existing issues at time if purchase. Contacted owner Amir once again to report diagnosis and what warranty company said. And he told me to bring truck to him and he’ll take care of any issues and get everything right. Took truck to Amir on 1/21/2017. Amir and his non certified mechanics did there own self diagnosis and said it was not bad spark plugs, coils or catalytic converter as previously diagnosed. Said it was O2 sensor. I told him regardless of what the issue is, if truck was inspected as stated then how can issues like this go undetected? He had no answer, only to say that it will be taken care of. He took truck to local Lincoln dealer to get their opinion and diagnosis and was told truck needs new motor. Motor has 3 dead cylinders? On 3/11/2017, while at Car first, I have a recorded conversation with Amir stating that he was going to put new motor in truck free of charge. Told me my truck would be ready on 3/31/2017. On 3/31/2017, no truck? Called me on 4/5/2019 and left voicemail stating that truck is fixed and running with brand new motor. Ready to go. Told him that I needed all paperwork and diagnosis of repairs. Went to retrieve truck on 4/8/2017. Motor was not brand new at all. A used motor that he ordered from someone he does shady business with. Gave me an invoice from a used motor place with no details about motor or mileage of motor? How can you buy a used motor and put it in someone’s car if you don’t know quality or mileage of motor? In fact, after reviewing invoice, the vin # on invoice was for another vehicle? Asked Amir, where’s my truck? Amir now tells me that their checking the fluids and changing the oil. Changing the oil? Really? In a motor that’s just been put in 3 days prior? Said he test drove truck in 4/5/2019 and it was fine but today(4/8/2017) its making noise? That was just stall tactic. I left on 4/8/2019 still without truck. At this point I do not want vehicle or anything to do with Amir or Carfirst. Just a total ripoff and scam. I just want my money back for down payment as well as my money for car payments made while I did not have vehicle. The last 2 and a half months has been a nightmare and very stressful. Nothing but lies on top of lies. With no results. I’ve been making car payments and insurance on a vehicle that I don’t even have the luxury to drive. To this day(4/8/2017), as I write this report, Amir still has my truck in his possession at his body shop. Car still not running, still not fixed, check engine light still on? What body shop has your truck for almost 3 months and it’s still not fixed? They do nothing but guess work on vehicles cause they don’t have a clue how to fix them. Buyer beware. Go online and read reviews. Everybody can’t be lying. No coincidence. If it looks or sounds to good to be true, run.

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