CarHop UAC Finance

CarHop UAC Finance

CarHop / UAC Finance Prey on Low Income families claiming to help you with your credit and trap you into a bogus contract with false promises. Bay Area Nationwide!!. Hi, I purchased a car from Car Hop in August 2014. I had been denied at previous car loan places because I am low income and could not get approved for a loan. I was sold on Car Hop because they claim to build your credit with your montly payments and have a 18 month, 18,000 mile warranty. I was told I only qualified for One car off of the lot a 2001 Mercury sable. The car was far from perfect condition, but I was told they would pay the expenses to make the car in working condition, and kept reminding me of the warranty option. They say they have a 30 day gurantee that covers any work that needs to be done. I took the vehicle to one of their mechanics right away and told him Everything that needed to be fixed. I got the car back 2 weeks later with all the same problems 🙁 They informed me that they have been experiencing issues with this mechanic and referred me to another one in Richmond, I live in Oakland. This mechanic claims to have fixed the vehicle another week later. Less than a month later the same engine light that was on when I purchased the vehicle came on again. They replaced my engine with a refurbished one, another week in the shop. Another month later that engine goes out as well. The mechanic says he cant fix it, after it is in the shop Another week. Mind you each time my car is in the shop I am responsible for a $75 diagnostic fee. I am out of a car to drive to work. Plus I am still required to pay my $344 montly payment. If you are a day late they will not work with you and will turn off your ingnition so you cannot drive. The manager is never in the office and Never returns phone calls. Their finance department is just as cluless and makes you jump through loop and hurdles to get any type of “decision” on your vehicle. All in all, I have had this car for 4 months, could not drive it for 2 of the 4 months and have paid almost $1500 so far on a car with a KBB value of $3,400 but came to $7,000 after all my taxes and fees. I am extremely upset with this company and how they treat their customers. They have no value for their customers and only care about the money when their main claim to fame is that they help low income individuals. Never get a car from Car Hop !!!! Can anyone out there help me get out of this loan, or fight for a better vehicle??

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