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I bought my home in 2007 and included my mother on the deed so she would have a ‘home’ as that was one of her dreams. FWD to Jan of 2012. I became totally disabled and the very next month my mother passed away. During that time I struggled and fought to keep my home before finally working with Tennessee Keep My Home. When it was time for the grant payments to be over I began making payments and within the first month I got a letter from Chase saying my mortgage had gone up from 695.00 to 780.00 so I struggled and fought and made those payments. | Then in April of 2016 I got another letter stating my mortgage was again to go up to 865.00. I caved and began the process of a loan modification with Chase. I worked closely with them for several months and got the news in September or October 2016 that my loan mod was approved and to begin my trail payments of 689.21 which was supposed to be for 3 months to make sure I could make those payments without a problem. I made those payments at first by bank transfer electronically and then decided to take cash from my bank and send via Western Union and Moneygram. | After I made 1 or 2 payments to Chase this way suddenly i got a letter stating that our loan had been sold to Carrington MS. As of the next payment due I was to make that payment to them. I was in a panic and called CMS and they assured me that everything would go as planned with Chase and to just continue to make those payments on time and all would be well. Every month I made the same payments no later than the 3rd of each month when my SSDI was direct deposited. Every month I would get yet another letter in the mail from CMS saying that I was 2, 3 and 4k behind on payments. Each month I would call, sometimes more than once a month I would call to verify that the money gram or western union payment was applied to my account. Each time I would ask why I was still getting these letters and was assured each time that it was just a matter of “departments not communicating with each other, but not to worry everything was “fine” and my loan mod was still in the trial period. I questioned a couple of times as to why it was taking longer than the 3 months but was told that it was because CMS had bought several loans from different mortgage providers like Chase and they were just ‘running a bit behind’ | The 2nd of May I made my regular 680.21 payment via moneygram and as my friend from Australia was in for a visit I didn’t call to ‘check on my loan mod’ Late into the 2nd week of May I got a call from Carrington and I was in the shower and I called back as soon as I got out. Thinking they had finally gotten finished with all of the paperwork and was calling to tell me that my trial period was completed. | I was WRONG. The man I spoke to told me that there had been an error on Chase’s end and that my loan mod was not in fact a loan mod but had been left with a “…” So of course I panicked and asked what could i do? I had fought for the last 10 years to keep my home and certainly did not want to lose it. He said I would have to fill out the loan mod packet again. He assured me he would send out the packet right away and I hung up with a really uneasy feeling but didn’t want to rain on my friends vacation here so we went about our business while she was here. When she left that weekend I called again Monday to ask if my packet had been mailed because I hadn’t received it yet. The tone of this phone call was much colder and bullyish. I told the person that I had not just sat here and not paid my mortgage. I had to go through the same spiel and still the woman I spoke to was rude and hateful and insisted I print off the packet online. My printer has been unfunctional for several weeks and I really couldn’t afford a new one so I asked yet again to PLEASE mail me a packet and I would fill it out and send back immediately. I finally got the packet 10 days later. | I called to ask for help filling out the packet and this time the CSR connected me to a manager of sorts. She insisted I fill out THREE packets one on each myself, my husband and daughter who is an adult but disabled since the age of 14. I said I would but I needed to have 2 more packets mailed to me. I was told they would be mailed out immediately. | Over that weekend there was a family emergency 12 hours away and my husband stayed at home to care for our rescue pups and each day he checked the mail and told me that we’d gotten nothing from them. I called yet again and was told that they refused to send another packet out because those packets cost 50.00 per packet and I needed to just print them off at home and scan them in and email them. I ended up going to the library and printing off 27 sheets and filling them all out but then my stupid printer wouldn’t even scan them in. | (Mind you I did NOT have this kind of trouble with Chase. They were SO respectful, helpful and said they were willing to do anything to help and make this as stress free as possible for me) | I called in again and each call was more and more nasty. I had to repeat the same story each time I spoke with another person and was also told that i did not have a ‘contact’ person as I did with Chase. They insisted again that i find a way to email the forms or fax them. To fax 27 pages plus a cover sheet was just under 30.00 that I truly couldn’t afford to pay so I luckily found our local print shop to be so kind to scan the docs onto a thumb drive for me for 5.00. | My husband is a disabled vet who has had 3 strokes, my daughter has been disabled for over 10 years, and we cared for my dying mother until her death in 2012. I have not dealt with stress and hateful, rude and threatening people in business like this in all of my 50 years. I have had people knock on my door at 7 am and leave a bright yellow letter on my door that they NEEDED to verify that the home was being occupied by me. At this point I am so overwhelmed and at a loss that I truly do not know what to do. I have all of the paperwork from the loan mod with Chase, I followed every single step they asked of me and my home is going to be taken from me and we will end up losing everything. | There are no rentals that will take all 3 of us who are physically disabled, along with our rescues AND our therapy dogs. We are looking at losing not just what money we’ve paid into this home plus the additions and upgrades we put into the home we are going to lose a lot of our things that means something to us. Including our pets who are VERY important to us. We are looking at most likely having to move states 12 hours away and there will be no way we can physically do this properly. We have no help, no where to turn with our pets especially or an affordable rental. I feel like I am being punished for struggling and working hard since the age of 15 and working my way through grad school just to lose everything I’ve worked so hard to have for my daughter when we are gone. If anyone has information or can help me with what I need to do I would very much appreciate any kind of guidance.

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  1. Denae Slonski
    June 17, 2020

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