Casey Auto Group

Casey Auto Group

Casey Auto Group POOR QUALITY SERVICE BY MANAGEMENT AND STAFF Newport News, Virginia!!. Hi you dont know me but i just purchased a car from your dealership Casey Volkswagen and Subaru off J CLYDE MORRIS- I live in Virginia Beach, im young with no credit history and thought this would be a great place to buy my first vehicle. BOY do i fully regret dealing with the entire staff at Caseys, from the Manager Travis, to the Finance Person Steve. I am beyond extremely disappointed with the quality of service i decided to let other 107.7 listeners in on the real deal behind Casey Volkswagen. First lets start of with my purchase of a Volkswagen Jetta. Cute car. Now, were the problem started? Steve J the finance person at caseys. Well not only do i have voice mails, emails but also a voice recorded of our conversations ( I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO GET ON AIR AND HAVE EVERYONE LISTEN TO WHAT WAS SAID BECAUSE I PLAN ON GOING TO EVERY MEDIA OUTLET WITH THIS) were i had Mr Steve THREATEN me to call the cops on me and have this brand new car that i just purchased reported stolen YES STOLEN (in his own word i have this recorded), threats to have the car manually shut down leaving me stranded or the best one having someone from his tow company take the car back, over what, this is the best part, THE DEDUCTIBLE ON MY INSURANCE. He threatened me on a new car i just purchased to have it reported stolen if i didn’t change my deductible. Now of course naturally you hear me swearing because im like WTF? Thats just the beginning of my poor experience. Speaking with his manager Travis wasn’t any better, of course by the time i got to him i swearing worse than a sailor. Next, 25 days into owning this car the battery dies, so i had to have them replace it, mind you i just bought this car. I was without a vehicle for 4 days. HUGE inconvenience. NOW the straw that broke the camels back? My license plates. I was told it would be no problem having my plates mailed. I picked up my car at there shop once the replaced the battery Jan 31. I asked about my plates then because i realized my 30 day plated would expire soon. They were not in. The following day i get a call, message was left that my plated were in i can pick them up. SO i called ans spoke to a lady Kimberly and told her i was told they would be mailed, she confirmed my address and said ok. GREAT right? WRONG, here it is 9 days later and no plates and my 30 day plates have now expired. I call and speak to Angela who at first is helpful and let her know i haven’t received my plates. AGAIN by now i have learned with them i have to voice record EVERYTHING. She lets me know she has to get management approval, puts me on hold and say ok management approved we will mail them to you she begins with her little speech about Priority shipping. Then she asks when my 30 day plates expire and i said 9 days ago. She then says she has to call me back in 10 min to sort everything out. NEVER called. I have been calling them for over an hour now and have gotten nothing. I CALL them because when they say they’ll call you its BS. I AM VERY UPSET WITH THE QUALITY OF SERVICE FROM THE STAFF AT CASEY VOLKSWAGEN AND SUBARU. I don’t recommend them unless you want a headache. I hear the owners name is Russlle Mussnick, i would love to hear directly from you, but will see. I have already complained twice to the corporate office. Now im going to the media. Wavy Ten is next. I’m so disappointed with. Now this is just my experience, im sure there are plenty of happy clients i just happen to have a poor experience and needed to share. I just got off the phone with Jeremy the only person i thought was helpfull and he hung up on me because i started to sat the f word because he wasnt helping. My issues started after the & day grace period and im sooooo disappointed. I dont know what else to do but reach you personally and maybe get everything straightened out.

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