CEC CORPORATION Careee education corporation, Colorado technical university, AIU They fired me and had me selling scams to students Schaumburg Illinois!!. So Iu2019m a precious employee of CEC Corporation in Schaumburg iL and I was let go on April 11th wrongfully. I felt I was discriminated on and thereu2019s lots of people I see going through the same thing. When I got hired I could tell they did it to try to make the company look like they were not racist. I did three weeks of training for things that were not the actual job so thatu2019s a set up for failure. Then they put you with a mentor who taught me nothing and didnu2019t want help with questions I had to basically fend for myself and he was Caucasian. I have pictures of me being number one on my team constantly and getting lots of enrollments and doing better than people whou2019d been there. I was put in a split situation where my current manager was leaving and then put with another who didnu2019t have any training and didnu2019t know how to handle things like a manager should. Everything was based on numbers itu2019s was stressful and I saw how Caucasian were there for a year and told me our rhwkr mouth that they didnu2019t make a start for over 7-9 months and they were still there and unfairly I hit two starts and miss one and Iu2019m out the door. I need justice because this company trained me to lie to all those student and took their money and pressured me to enroll and my livelihood depended on my job and I saw how black employees were dropping like flies and I know I was wrongfully terminated on top of working for a complaint that isnu2019t accredited and scammed me into telling students lies just to get them enrolled I need to start a class action lawsuit against this company and I got injured on the job and they didnu2019t acknowledge it properly they just wanted me to work and slaabe for them so I would not recommend anyone go to this school or work for them. I thought I was with a good company and now that Iu2019ve done research which Is what I should have done before I see they have numerous lawsuits and complaints and Rip offs and I am going to take them down for it all. DO NOT WORK FOR CEC CORPORATION no raises and they give awards and i have some for over exceeding my numbers and there is no bonus and this is a million dollar company AND they wrote me up for saying someone else told my manager I said “only 9 transfers thatu2019s itu201d and that was written up as a behavior issue and it was false and it was made up and a lie just to get me one more step out the door. They use you for what you can do until they get it then they fire you and I know that is unjust so I want the world to know about this ridiculous corporation and school.

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