Center of New England Urgent Care

Center of New England Urgent Care

This primary care is one of the worst doctors office I have ever had the mispleasure of dealing with. | I first made an appt to establish care, I called December 3 at 5:30pm. I spoke to a Spanish gentlemen who made my appointment. He told me my appointment would be the following week on wed December 11 at 3:30pm. I received no phone call like most doctors a day or two prior to the appointment. | I showed up December 11 at 3:30pm for my appointment and was told they had no appointment made At all. The appointment was made for December 3 at 3:30pm even though I made the appointment via phone call on December 3 at 5:30pm. | So the receptionist gave me an appointment the following day for December 4 at 3:30pm. I came the next day for my appointment to establish care, nurse was very all over the place and incompetent. Doctor had me do xrays and a physical and then told me to come back in a weeks time and he would write my prescriptions, as he would have enough time to obtain my records from the three different doctors I signed a release form for them to obtain my medical records. | So I called Sunday December 15 between 12-1pm to make my appointment and spoke to a women. I told them I needed to make an appointment for that coming Tuesday since it was my only day off. She said ok and gave me an appointment for Tuesday December 17 at 3:30pm. | So I showed up today, Tuesday December 17. Received no phone call again to Confirm my appointment like most doctors do. The receptionist told me I had no appointment scheduled for today but instead it was scheduled for tomorrow. Yet another screw up on behalf of their incompetent receptionists. | She also said she could fit me in today but it wouldn’t be with the doctor I saw last time. Since it was my only day off I had no choice but to accept the appointment. She then proceeded to look for my chart from a week ago and a half hour later still couldn’t find it. | Was brought to a room where I had to provide all kinds of information I already provided simply because they misplaced my chart. I filled out a welcome packet at the first appointment and that was lost along with my entire chart from the previous weeks appointment. | I explained to the nurse the issues I had with the previous appointments and making them and she provided many excuses like the fact my nurse last week was just a urgent care nurse so she really didn’t know what she was doing since she doesn’t usually do the primary care side. And so on and so on, essentially a bunch of bullshit to cover how incompetent the practice is. | Then I saw the doctor. In which I had to provide all the information again that I just provided to the nurse five minutes earlier(family history, medications I’m on, allergies, etc). The nurse just took all this info five minutes prior and wrote it on my chart yet he’s rewriting it all and asking it all again. Then he proceeded to state that my previous doctors must not have sent my records over cause they can’t find them which doesn’t say much when they still couldn’t find my entire chart from the previous appointment. | It was an outright lie because it was three different doctors and practices, one in upstate NY and two here in Rhode Island. I have had them fax records previously and they were done within a day so simply the records not being there was yet again a product of how incompetent they are and the fact they lost my entire chart with my release forms in it. | The doctor was extremely rude and ignorant from the moment he walked in. He had a horrific attitude and absolutely zero bedside manner. He only wanted to hear himself talk and acted like he was doing me some type of favor by seeing me when my appointment was suppose to be that day and they screwed it up and also screwed up records jeapoordizing my health. | Besides that he looked like he was in horrific health and was a hunchback. He then proceeded to ask me if I had xrays done last time which I did and of course they misplaced those as well. | Along with that both the nurse and doctor stated how high my blood pressure was the previous time. They also stated that only half of what is suppose to be done in a physical was done last time and they don’t know why everything wasn’t done. | So they were able to find that information but not able to find my entire chart from the previous week, release records, or records sent from my doctors??????extremely odd but not surprising with them. They asked me if the doctor or nurse last time asked me about my blood pressure or retook it in which they did not. Not one word was spoke to me about my blood pressure until today’s appointment. | So then I proceeded to wait forever while everyone in their office looked for my records until the receptionist came in claiming I had no health insurance and said I had to leave. They were so concerned with my high blood pressure until they realized they weren’t getting paid by my health Insurance and then they kicked me out. Truly shows what type of practice this is and how horrific they are. | Even though I explained to them I’m in the middle of an appeal with my health insurance and that it stated I would have healthcare the entire time of my appeal since I have no income or job and if I lost my appeal I would have to pay back any health expenses. Showed them the appeal stating that but the receptionist did not care one bit and told me to leave. I also said I would pay cash for the appointment and they refused that as well. | Now I have to go without vital prescriptions because of their ignorance and incompetence from misplacing everything and completely screwing my care up from start to finish. There is a reason why you can get a same day appointment at this practice. Because they are absolutely incompetent aholes that regularly mess up your care and records, you see a different doctor every appointment if you actually have an appointment when you schedule it for, and they only care about getting paid from insurance companies that they can milk dry with making you undergo extra care through them like xrays. | Now going without my prescriptions because of their incompetence will jeopardize my health and also effect my current job since the medications I have been on for over ten years come with serious debilitation life threatening side effects from stopping the medicine. Do not go to this doctors office they should be s**t down and it is appalling to think they are in charge of anyone’s care as I’m surprised they can every care for themselves.

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