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Why is Century Properties covering up Joseph Terrado? he is a very abusive person. Jose Eduardo Antonio, why are you allowing this in your company? is Joseph Terrado above everyone else? is he God??? There are already multiple incidents. why are you allowing JOSEPH CARY TERRADO to Sexually Harass female agents as he pleases to??? To: HR Paragraph 1 I am Marjorie Lynn Marcial, single, who worked as Director of Sales from September 2016 until my untimely resignation at the night of January 09, 2017, under Century Olympians Sales group of Mr. Joseph Cary Terrado, Executive Vice President and Marketing Director. Paragraph 2 I have experienced multiple incidents of verbal abuse, public humiliation, harassment and abuse of power or moral ascendancy on different dates and occasions by Mr. Terrado. Paragraph 3 I have been the subject of Mr. Terrado”s “green jokes, ” and “offensive lines, ” most of the time whether be in the office or deployments. He humiliates me and ruins my reputation implying that I am having an affair with my immediate supervisor, Mr. Adrian Sta. Catalina, who is legally and cohabiting married with his wife and living with his two minor daughters. Paragraph 4 During our deployment in the United States, evening of 26 October 2016 at the residences of a Mr. June Laquindanum, I, together with Mr. Sta. Catalina, Mr. Sonny Mendiola and Mr. Terrado went to the surprised birthday party for Mr. Terrado at the said venue. Paragraph 5 While dinner, they are already drinking alcoholic beverages (hard drinks). Mr. Terrado was under the influence of alcohol that night. I was consistently offered to drink by Mr. Terrado which I always refuse giving the reason that I have to drive to home. Paragraph 6 I had no choice but to join the group for drinks after Mr. Terrado got mad and allegedly used his authority for me to come over while saying, “Since you”re under quota, gusto mo umuwi ka na eh. Pa-book na kita agad end of this month.” The statement was repeated twice until I had to say yes. Aside from the statement, Mr. Terrado also said the following throughout the night, “wala ka pala eh, uuwi ka, ” “sabi ko sa”yo, pag hindi ka bumenta, date na lang kita, ” “kunin na lang kitang yaya ko, 200k. Ano gusto mo?” and “kiss kita jan.” Paragraph 7 After the party, I, Mr. Sta. Catalina and Mr. Bong drove Mr. Terrado to his hotel in Marriott, Vackaville. After a group talk requested by Mr. Terrado, I was left alone in the driver”s seat of the car as I was preparing to leave. Mr. Terrado then opened the door and said, “Marj, why do you think I”m like this to you? Do you think I”m the same to everyone? No.” To which, I replied with, “Because you care?” and a “thank you.” Mr. Terrado then answered with, “Ano ka ba naman, hindi mo pa ba alam? I like you. Taena, kung wala lang akong asawa, eh di ikaw na ang inuuyot ko, ” I was so shocked and felt so uncomfortable after that. Given the circumstance that Mr. Terrado was under the influence of alcohol, I decided not to speak of the previous situation to anyone. Paragraph 8 On 14 December 2016, I attended the Olympians Christmas Party at the Pacific Star Roof deck in Makati. At the party, Mr. Terrado required all employees to drink alcoholic beverages especially tequila otherwise you”ll be penalized by him. When he got drunk he asked someone to call me to come to him, I immediately left the party as I was feeling unsafe especially that he is so drunk that time. Paragraph 9 On 17 December 2016, during the Olympians DOS and Heads” Lunch in Mr. Terrado”s residence in Pasig, When I was being toured inside the house of Mr. Terrado by him. Upon entering the room of the children of Mr. Terrado, I commented, “Wow! Pwede pong magpa-ampon?” which Mr. Terrado disgustingly answered, “Pwede, basta bubuntisin kita.” Paragraph 10 During our team building event in Subic, Zambales on 5 January 2017, one of our group activity, organized by Mr. Terrado and Mr. Vic Angeles of Century Olympians, we played the game named ” The Longest Line.” The main goal of the game is to create the best logo for Century Olympians. The mechanics of the game that was explained to us, was to earn money using our clothes by selling it to them with a corresponding price dictated by them for us to be able to buy the products that we need to create the logo like illustration board, coloring materials, cutter, tape and etc. This was done through bidding. Mr. Terrado suggested and encouraged us in a distasteful manner to give out all of our clothes including underwear. When some of the heads raised his concern to him saying, “Sir, “Maraming bago, baka may magreklamo.” Mr. Terrado got mad and told the group that, that was the main goal of the game while uttering the words, “kayo pa tututol, ginagawa na natin ito noon pa.” When most of the attendees were in the nude, some heads have decided to give them something to cover up with which led Mr. Terrado to have a “heated argument, ” with his brother as the former was making it sound like the activity was normal in sales. Mr. Terrado”s children joined all group activities except for this one as instructed by their father. Paragraph 11 The next day, 6 January 2017, during the training, I have been bullied and harassed again during the class. After the class, I learned from Mr. Catalina and Mr. Bong that Mr. Catalina was scolded and publicly humiliated by Mr. Terrado in one of the evenings of the team building event. Paragraph 12 A beach party was to end the last night of the team building. When I left my room for the party wearing a jacket, Mr. Terrado approached me and got upset and said, “Bakit ka naka-jacket? It”s a beach setup, naka-jacket ka?” I was embarrassed which gave me no choice but to proceed to my room and remove my jacket. Paragraph 13 After dinner and awarding, I was talking to some of my colleagues when Mr. Terrado approached our group for pictures and they congratulated and hugged him while I was trying to make a distant to him. Paragraph 14 Mr. Terrado confronted me afterwards regarding the previous situation. I justified my actions because I thought that Mr. Terrado was mad at me for wearing a jacket to the beach party. Mr. Terrado then told me that he was observing me and Mr. Sta. Catalina from afar. The conversation came to a pause when Mr. Terrado was called by someone. Afterwards, I was summoned by Mr. Terrado near the stage on the beach. He told me, “Ayun oh, may isang taong in love na in love sa”yo, “referring to Mr. Sta. Catalina. Mr. Terrado was drinking alcohol all this time. The conversation revolved around how Mr. Terrado thinks Mr. Sta. Catalina was in love with me which I denied. I made an excuse that I have to get my mobile phone from Mr. Bong, which Mr. Terrado allowed but asked me to return afterwards. Paragraph 15 Upon returning, Mr. Terrado had tequila shots ready for me to drink. Mr. Terrado required me to drink two shots which I had to drink straight like I was not allowed to refuse. The conversation that happened next was on how Mr. Terrado could not confide with others like how he is to me. He even asked me out by saying, “gimik naman tayo minsan”, which I declined. He insisted by saying, “oh sige sama kana lang samin sa reunion”. Paragraph 16 Mr. Terrado”s daughter, Ms. Trish Terrado passed by infront of us then Mr. Terrado opened up that when his daughter was still young, she would not be ashamed to plant a kiss on his lips saying, “Alam mo, two years ago, kini-kiss pa ako niyan sa lips nang walang malisya. Pero ngayon, dalaga na eh, ” he continued with, “Ikaw ba pag kiniss ko, walang malisya?” I replied with, “Siyempre hindi pwede.” I was too uncomfortable at this point. He continued, “Look at me in the eye, Marj. Promise me that you”re not leaving. Just stay, minimum 50M sa bank account mo.” Paragraph 17 When finally I had the chance to leave him, when I saw my colleague, Ms. Tin, drunk, being assisted by other women down the stage. I offered to stay with her so I can avoid Mr. Terrado. Paragraph 18 I was then grabbed from behind by Mr. Terrado and carried me by force to the beach. I was screaming and begging him to put me down but he did not listen to me. When I went up from the water, he asked me again to look at himin his eyes, then I felt how he looked at me that he is about to kiss me. I immediately walked away from him. I was so scared, I wanted to cry and didn”t know what to do and where togo knowing that everyone is afraid of him. I was crying inside. Mr. Terrado tried to approach me again but I shouted at him this time and said, “No! Ayoko! I trusted you, ” which finally stopped him from coming to me again. Paragraph 19 Mr. Jessie dela Cruz grabbed my hand and invited me to the beach saying, “dito kana lang girl, mas safe ka dito”, when I heard the word “safe”, I immediate went with him. I stayed at the beach for almost an hour just to be safe until I decided to go back to my room due to my emotions piling up of what went through that night, I was so scared and too emotional. While on the way to the room, Mr. June Terrado tried to stop me by saying, “san ka ppunta Marj?” I told him that I”m going back to my room as I cannot take it anymore. I didn”t care if I will be terminated after this, I just wanted to be away from them and cry. I mentioned this because Mr. Terrado made a ruling for us stating, “If you don”t drink (alcohol, ) no subsidy. If you go back to your room early and not finish the party you”re terminated.” Paragraph 20 When I reached my room, I went straight to the toilet as I couldn”t hold my emotions anymore. Ms. Grace was there, as she was one of my roommate, her husband was there too. They noticed that I wasn”t okay so they were asking me what happened. I was hesitant to tell them, knowing that all of them are afraid of Mr. Terrado as our Head. They knew that something is wrong, and when I was about to tell them my other roommates came in, that stopped me from telling them as I don”t want everyone to know about it. I secretly cried overnight and just prayed to go home the next day. Paragraph 21 The acts of Mr. Terrado verbally abusing and publicly humiliating me are uncalled for and against the social norm of decency at a work place making it a hostile environment especially that he is the Executive Vice President of the company. Paragraph 22 This has caused me emotional and psychological distress which led me to leave the company immediately. Paragraph 23 In Sec. 3 of the RA. 7877 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995, it states that “Work, education or training-related sexual harassment is committed by an employer, employee, manager, supervisor, agent of the employer, teacher, instructor, professor, coach, trainor, or any other person who, having authority, influence or moral ascendancy over another in a work or training or education environment, demands, requests or otherwise requires any sexual favor from the other, regardless of whether the demand, request or requirement for submission is accepted by the object of said Act.” Under Sec. 3 (a). 3 In a work-related or employment environment, sexual harassment is committed when the acts would result in an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for the employee.” Paragraph 24 Mr. Terrado”s actions had violated me as a person and incur grounds for violence against women, sexual harassment, acts of lasciviousness and unjust vexation.

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