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After 2 months out of a 6 month contract, Jennifer Williams Holbus of CEO Maids Atlanta effectively took advantage of my online marketing company’s payment plan and refused to pay the rest of her bill. The work was completed as promised but she instead decided to game the system and cheat my company for work performed. CEO Maids and Jennifer Holbus are not to be trusted in my opinion. Here are the details of the scam that took place and what has been attempted to be done to remedy the situation. I would not walk, I would RUN from ever working with Jennifer Holbus, CEO Maids, or My Six Sigma Trainer (another company she tries to run) in any capacity. Here is my person experience with Jennifer and CEO Maids: I was hired on March 29th, 2019 to perform online marketing / SEO work for Jennifer “Sharon” Williams Holbus of Smyrna, Georgia for her CEO Maids Atlanta website. Upon signing an agreement stating the price (broken up in 6 month payments for her convenience, I then proceeded to get to work creating new pages and optmizing them for search. Being an expert online marketer, I worked very fast and got her CEO Maids website on the first page of Google for multiple lucrative keywords within a short period of time. I have video, email conversations and screenshot documentation to prove 100% of these claims should they attempt to be challenged (or if anyone would like to see them). Jennifer Holbus was constantly belittling my work and never seems to be satisfied with anything. She would fly into what I would consider unhinged rages via email and then apologize several days later. She would change her mind regarding plans for the website on a daily basis and almost be very confused what she wanted to do from day to day. I was concerned about her mental health at the time, but I kept going because we had an agreement and I wanted to have her succeed. Abruptly she lied and said she was closing down her business and couldn’t pay me anymore just 2 months into it. Oddly enough, I have direct emails from Jennifer Holbus / CEO Maids confirming my work and being happy that things were moving faster than expected. I even received emails stating that “we get a lot of calls now for AirBnb cleanings and post construction cleanings” in Atlanta. She was happy and thanful at the time. Her current balance is over $2000 and I made numerous attempts to settle before the bill become that high. Unforunately, I’ve had to send her over to collections as it was apparent that after the work I performed, I was being scammed all along. It was intentional. The collection agency has had to report it on her credit report (told me it wasn’t the first time… ) and this is where we stand today. I would never recommend CEO Maids or working with Jennifer Williams “Sharon” Holbus of Atlanta, Georgia ever. It’s possible you’re going to be working with a company that thinks it’s okay to cheat their providers. I would NEVER EVER hire a person like Jennifer Holbus or have one of her cleaners in my home. I wouldn’t walk, I would RUN from CEO Maids and Jennifer at all costs. It’s not worth the risk!

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