Chapman Chrysler Jeep

Chapman Chrysler Jeep

Chapman Chrysler Jeep Derrick the Service manager – con-artist SCAM con-artist rip off thieves ignorant un-proffesional Henderson, Nevada!!. THIS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST NIGHTMARE EVER! I have NEVER been so dis-respected by an auto company in my ENTIRE LIFE!! These guys are so god d**n rude and ignorant it’s pathetic! Let’s start from the top . . . . Ok so my window regulator went out in my lib which is no big deal because they are pretty infamous for having that happen. I am new to Las Vegas so I have no idea what auto technician company is trust worthy, so what the heck, why not take it to a certified Jeep dealership? It’s a big nice building with tons of nice cars outside, so you would think your dealing with a reputable company right? NOT! First of all you pull up and there is four guys standing in a little room with glass windows all around. Every single on of them can see you but they just ignore you. You walk over and open the door and say “excuse me? Can someone please help me?” They continue to ignore you and sit there and chat amoungst each other. One of them looks over about 10 mins later and says, “Oh, sorry were busy one mineut . . . ” About about a half hour you finally get the d*she bag to help you. Even though there are 4 guys just sitting there talking to each other. After practicly begging them to recieve my business(WHich is should be the other way around) I am finally helped. They take my car and tell me to come back the next day. First of all I have NEVER paid more then $360 to fix a window regulator and this is the fourth time i’ve fixed one so I have an idea of how much it should cost. He quotes me around the ball park of $550. After about an hour of negotiating they drop it to $490. Seems like they instead of adding parts + labor they just take you for as much as they can. I’m thinking what ever I don’t have time to shop around, it’s a jeep dealership, and I will recieve good service, so what ever. I come back the next day and the very first thing I notice when I jump in my car and start to drive away is two HUGE cracks going all the way across my windshield. Now I wasn’t too mad at this point because there were a few small cracks before I took it in. This just made it so I had to fix it instantly instead of when i had the money. When I get home and step out of my car I notice HUGE scratches on the rear bumber one each side by the back tires. LIKE SCRATHCES EVERYWHERE! Then I walk around my vehicle for a closer inspection and there are scratches everywhere! They werent really deep or noticeable but they where all over! All over the hood, on the doors, by the handles every where! I was so pissed! I was sure someone must have taken it out to the sand dunes and mobbed it it was so bad! So I call them and b***h them out and they tell me to bring it in the next day so they can look at it. They offer to replace the windshield and buff it. So once again I think, ok these guys arent so bad . . . They did replace the windshield which made me happy, but the scratches were even worse! Now there are little circular scratches all over. Like there is not one single spot on the vehicle that is not scratched now. Like the buffer itself must have had a s**t load of sand in it because there are circular scratches everywhere! I think what ever, ill just get a paint job, and never go there again. Now the very first thing I noticed when I took my car off the lot the SECOND time: WHen I use my blinker it blinks way faster then it should. At first I thought sweet, they modified my blinker to make it look cooler or something. Until I use my left blinker and it blinks slower than the right. So I turn on the right blinker, get out of my car, look at it, and sure enough, the right blinker is out. Once again I give them the benefit of the doubt thinking, oh well must be a burnt out light bulb. Four days later: I take it to a real auto tech. He changes the bulb, and thats not the problem. He says it has something to do with the electricle, it will be $100 an hour just for the diagnostic. So I call the con artists and chapman jeep again. This is there response. “Can you prove that we did it? Well how about you have another technician look at it and lets see if he can make prove that we had anything to do with this. Well you can bring it in tomorrow and we will examine it for free” I told them ok, but I want to be there when your examining it, to make sure you don’t break something else. He tells me NO! With the most alarming/scared voice. THAT IS AGAINST OUR POLICY!! I said no s**t, you don’t want me to be there when you vandalize my vehicle to the point that I can’t even drive it off the lot. Then I asked, so if I can’t be there to make sure you don’t ruin my vehicle, and lets say it does not start when I get it out of the shop, which would have had to happen there, because how else would I have gotten it there, if it didn’t drive, then what? Then he says well that will be your problem. I say then if I tell you that you broke my car, your going to say how can you prove it was us right? He says ya. Then I say so do you see how your putting me between a rock and a hard spot? He says, We don’t ever want to see you or your jeep anyways! Why don’t you take it to our competition across the street! They hate us too! Go ahead take us to court! We know we will win! This happends all the time!

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