Chapman Mazda

Chapman Mazda

Chapman Mazda Ripoff Dealership misrepresents costs, undisclosed dealer add-ons, bullying and intimidation tactics to pressure a sale Phoenix Arizona!!. Worst car buying experience ever. Dealership ommitted costs, omitted Dealer Add-Ons, and charged thousands more than the negotiated price. My documentation fee alone was $389.00. I brought in my competitor price for my model, and they agreed to match it. When I asked about finance, I was told my interest rate would be .9% on both a loan and a lease. This was also false information. They failed to explain the lease does not have “interest”, but rent, and that it actually equated to 7 times the loan rate, for the “rent”. They knew this information and intentiionally lied. Then they delayed the sale until end of the evening and “packed” the final price by thousands. The plan they had was to delay the sale until closing time with an empty dealership. They had my keys to my Trade-In. I asked direct question on interest rates for my particular model and they gave false information; I asked direct questions on Dealer Add-Ons, which I insisted I would not agree to if they added. They told me, No, no dealer Add-Ons would be included at all. Two days later, after contract they finally admitted they included dealer add-ons (after the fact) when I asked them for a list of itemization of costs. These Dealer Add-ons included overpriced items like “paint protection” for $700.00 (dealer add-on) and plastic stickers for the edge of the door (close to $400 dealer add-on). It was lie after lie. My negotiated cost and the final cost differred by thousands. Basicallly, they waited until the dealership was empty, kept me waiting until after closing time when there would be no other witnesses besides the Salesmen. Then the Sales Manager, attempted to drop my Trade-In price (from $6500 to $4000). I refused since my Trade-In was worth more than $6500. He then attempted bullying and intimidation. I held firm on the Trade-In without dropping to $4000. And from the documentation, they did keep the $6,500 for my Trade-In. Problem was they made up the difference by inflating the final price by thousands. Next, it was now closing time with an empty dealership, and finally I was brought to the finance office. After sitting down, finance began handing me papers to sign. I started to question the first document which had MSRP, and showed no dealer add-ons. I said I negotiated about $850.00 less than MSRP plus Mazda rebate and that this price looks wrong. Finance Manager assured me I’d still get my negotiated price. Next thing, 4 or 5 of the salesmen then stood blocking the Finance office door, and I heard an uproar of malicious laughter coming from this group. I started shaking…I did not feel safe. This was the plan, of course. Finance manager commented he couldn’t hear himself think, got up and closed his office door. Then Finance lied about what made up the final lease cost, and called it “normal front loading”. This was more than high pressure; I felt lucky to walk out of the dealership without physical harm. I drove home shaking and could not sleep for several nights afterward. I called up the manager first thing the following morning and for several weeks thereafter, asing for an explanation of costs. I was brushed off continually, until finally by 3rd day, the sales manager emailed me a list of my itemized costs, which of course did not synch up with the inflated costs on the contract. This is criminal behavior. I am not originally from Arizona. I’ve purchased 6 or 7 new cars in the past (East Coast) and I’ve never seen such atrocious, criminal and unprofessional behavior. Does Arizona allow criminals to sell cars and then do nothing to protect the consumer?

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