Chaviano Towing Corop

Chaviano Towing Corop

Chaviano Towing Corop Nelson Gonzalez 305-440-8645 Irina Gonzalez 786-973-2595 Angel-Driver 786-614-7484 Chaviano ,other owner, 786-328-3018 Damaged car Hialeah Florida!!. We utilized Uship to find a carrier which connected us to Portkick who hired Chaviano Towing Corporation to transport our 2 cars (2019 Honda Accord and 2007 BMW 335i) from Florida to California. MC957453 and DOT2858860. Chaviano Towing Corp is owned by Nelson and Irina Gonzalez (305-440-8645 and 786-973-2595). The transport company kept open communication with us up until the car made it to the west coast. The driver, Angel, of Chaviano, promised Friday morning the car will be transported. Come Friday no call for updates. Called Saturday morning and Chaviano states that the car will arrive Saturday evening. Come 9 pm on and no one called us for an update. I called Nelson of Chaviano to ask for any updates and he retorts, “you know it’s midnight over here!” and I told him it’s 9 pm our time and I’ve been waiting for the cars since Friday morning. He said he’ll call back with updates since the driver wasn’t answering. Nelson called my boyfriend the next day at around 4:50 am to state the car will arrive today (Sunday) at noon. Come 1 pm that Sunday, no call from Chaviano nor the arrival of the car. I called Nelson numerous times to which he would answer and hang up or decline the call. I google searched for other numbers under Chaviano (786-328-3018) to get a hold of someone for information. The new number would again answer and hang up or decline the call. The same number finally called us back to state they don’t speak English. We used our broken Spanish to speak to the guy. After a while, they informed us that the “trailer broke down” and is in Fontana, Ca, an hour and a half away from San Diego. They said if we wanted to pick it up there we can. We made the decision to drive and pick it up since the whole transaction did not sit well with us and wanted to be done with the company. We make the drive to the location they texted us, since they refuse to speak over the phone, and discover the trailer perfectly parked in the parking lot of Manheim Southern California Auction company. Both cars were removed from the trailer. The driver did not speak English and failed to check for damages on the car to mark on the Bill of Lading. He would not give us the key until we signed the document. We signed the document and were given the keys to which we discovered that the BMW turned on and smoke came out of it. The car would not drive forward or backward. Then we also discovered the mufflers were cracked and the bumper damaged due to incompetence and negligence of the driver. I called Nelson of Chaviano to tell them the car was damaged to which they yelled back at me to say no it’s not damaged and proceeded to call me a “b***h”. I started yelling back in anger as to how can a company function so unprofessionally. A woman, I’m assuming Irina got on the phone to start yelling at me. She would not reveal me her name because her name isn’t an issue. I told them everything and the driver took the phone from me to speak to the owners. The owners went to tell us that the car is immobile due to the car being off during the long distance. We state that that isn’t the case as the car turns on and the car has smoke coming out from the back. The driver continued to talk and the owners refuse to talk to us. I called police to file an incident report with Fontana PD I had AAA tow the BMW from Fontana to San Diego that evening and again from our home to the shop to get the clutched replaced which we paid almost $1500. The bumper and mufflers have not been fixed since I no longer want to pay for the damages. We are not able to drive the car as the mufflers are rubbing against the bumper and can burn the bumper which could even damage the car even more. The muffler replacement estimate came out to be approximately $1500. I have listed estimated damages of at least $4000 as we’re pending estimates for the bumper. I would like this company to also reimburse for the transport as they never fulfilled their contract of driving to San Diego. I would like for the company to know that they should not run a business and should lose their company due to this situation. I’m assuming there have been occurrences before and probably more to come after our horrible experience with Chaviano. We entrusted the company with transporting our cars to which they could not even hold up their end of their deal. After this ordeal, they refused to speak to us nor even respond to Uship’s and Portkick’s emails, as they are reaching out to them on our behalf.

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