Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Dealership

Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Dealership

Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Dealership Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Dealership Repair Shop Take car for repair and then parts are disassembled and likely sold off. Rochester Hills Michigan!!. This irritates me to this day, and finally need to get this story out there. Busy life and not a lot of time. In September 2018 I took my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee into the Repair Shop because of an unfortunate incident that had happened. A tree from the adjacent business to my employer had fallen over the fence during a storm and one branch fell on the jeep creating a few dents but nothing in my opinion that could not easily be repaired. So I quickly called my insurance company who referred me to this nearby dealership repair shop. I drove the jeep to the dealership and patiently waited for a return call for a repair assessment. On the 2nd day I still had not heard anything and so I called the dealership. They advised that the Jeep was totaled out. Somewhat confused I asked how the jeep could be totaled when clearly I drove it there. They advised that the damages exceeded the value of the vehicle and it was totaled out. I advised that I would be picking the jeep up to get a second opinion. They advised that the jeep was no longer in driving condition. In shock I asked what do you mean I drove it there in perfect driving condition? They advised simply that it was totaled. I advised that I would be there immediately to assess what they mean by totaled out. When I arrived they directed me to the back of the parking lot behind the repair shop where I was horrified to find that my jeep had been partially dismantled. Tail lights were missing, roof rail missing, rear window missing, all interior trim panels had been torn off and strewn about the inside of the vehicle, all the jeep logos were removed. I said who the fu2026.? authorized you to do this to my jeep? The only response I received was that the jeep was totaled and thatu2019s why it had already been dismantled. I requested the dealership to put it back together. They then stated that not only would they charge for the repair that I initially asked for them to assess, but they would also charge to put it back together and replace the missing parts that seemed already to have been sold off or possibly assembled to another vehicle. Ultimately I decided to accept the total amount assessed to the insurance company. However, in retrospect I should not have done that. I was forced into buying a new car. I also did not realize this, but my insurance rates doubled as a result of the insurance claim. I highly advise at all cost avoid having any repair work completed at this dealership!!!!

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