Claims to be from

Claims to be from

I got a text from 1-386-401-3478, when googled it is from some place in China…a lot of Chinese websites come up. They asked if I was ready for an online interview, I asked them about the interview because I do not have an internet service provider at home. I told them I would need advanced notice and they were very insistent that I do it now. So, I did. I got an email:

“Dear Applicant
Welcome to iGate, Inc. Company and Our recruitment team viewed your resume published online Application : Customer Service Specialist , Administrative Assistant- Full Time/ Part Time) and we are pleased with your qualifications, we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview.
You have been considered and scheduled for an online interview to discuss more about the position offered. You are required to set up a yahoo mail ( and download yahoo messenger ( or Gmail account ( then download the app from you app store i.e for smart phone and for PC you can download one from the Gmail webpage to download the app.
After this process, you are to add Mr Phillip Scott on Yahoo IM, his yahoo ID is ([email protected]) or Google hangout for Gmail is ([email protected]) to your buddy list ASAP for the job briefing and comprehensive details. He will be online waiting to talk to you ASAP. If you have any problem in setting up the Yahoo messenger icon you can email me on ([email protected])
Your verification code is HRP2394, this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot.
We look forward to having you on the team.
Interview Scheduled : Online.
Time: 9:00 am Tuesday morning
Venue: On line Via Yahoo Messenger Or Google Hangout
Training is Available
Human Resources
Your swift and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send Me an email to * [email protected] *
Best Regard :
Yours Truly,
Hiring Manager
iGate, Inc.”

I was skeptical, but I followed through with the “interview”…I later googled it because it was too good to be true. They are supposed to be buying me everything I need to get started, and giving me a car with the company logo on it! They scheduled a training session for the next morning, I will not be going to that now that I know what this really is…I will not be depositing the money they send me for work expenses either, I know that will only give them access to my account.. I demand Leave people alone!. Stay away

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