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First I am going to say, I know a lot of people abuse this site, but, I am going to speak the truth and not abuse it. When all efforst being professional to get the compensation I deserve are ignored and met with push back and resistance, this is the only way I can get any justice for being wrong and from having a bad experience. | Man I hate Mondays. | I heard someone breaking into my room just as I turn off the water stepping out of the shower. I ran to the door dripping wet saying why are you trying to get into my room? This woman from housekeeping rudely yells at me says, I knocked twice and you did not answer. I said, I was in the shower. She get’s nasty with me and says, you don’t talk to me like that. I immediately called the front desk and spoke to Kim who said, what color was she? Black of course just like the black person I told you about two weeks ago when I stayed here who was rude to me at check in and would not help with the internet. She said, I will speak to her. I get a call from the GM who was arrogant and defends her actions and says | some people are hard of hearing. I said, how can you be hard of hearing with the shower going on and that loud fan? He says, what do you want me to do? I said fire her. Her employment is at will. He wont because, he did not want to pay for the unemployment. When I checked out I asked for the piece of paper that had a copy of my drivers license and credit card when I checked in. The GM refused to give it to me. I told him twice this year had my credit card and check cashing card compromised and told by the bank it was from someone I have done busy with and I have stayed in a lot of hotels in the last year who take my credit card information. He reused to give it up. I said, do you want to check out the | room to make sure everything was all right? He said no. I asked again and he was more arrogant and said he would get written up and the he could get fired. I said, I want to speak to the owner and her refused to cooperate and said, she is not hear today. I know from a previous stay next door at the Hampton Inn the owner owns both hotels and went and spoke to Tim and left my name and number. I told Tim, If I spoke to black guest the way I was spoken too, you know I would be fired and he that is right. I made calls to Choice Hotels and the Hilton and they couldn’t do anything for me. Franchises can write their own rules what is best for them and not help the consumer. Brandon the GM at Hampton called | me who is in contact with the owner was just as deportable. Making excuses and push back that it is more important for him to make a profit and that he or the woman who owns the place would never give compensation. I said, Hotels give compensation all the time and it can be done. I got tired of being chastised and belittled and said, if you cannot help me, it is my responsibility as a consumer to post my bad experience on many websites as I can to warn travelers not to book at your hotels since, you don’t care about the people who stay at your hotels and don’t treat them like guest and you’re out to make a buck. It would not come to this had you gave me back that piece of paper as I fear future identity theft. | He did not care what I did and was told don’t expect the owner to compensate you and went off on his spiel what it cost to rent a room. If you stay here and have identity thief in the future, likely it will come from here also, expect to be black workers to treat you like second class citizen.

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